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CC Cream

CC Cream

The next generation of creams are called CC Creams and is the next step in the evolution of the famous BB Cream. Its acronym CC may mean Color Control or Complexion Corrector; and improve the complexion more intensively than BB Creams or color moisturizers.

These are creams originally made for the beauty products market in Asia and, thanks to their success there, have begun to make their way among Western cosmetics. CC creams instantly unify skin tone and hydration and also correct expression or age marks. Due to their light texture, they adapt to varied skin tones.

What is a CC Cream

The acronym CC stands for Complexion Corrector,because the main purpose and purpose of these CC creams is to improve the appearance of our skin. To do this include in their formulation that touch of color that gives a makeup background,but combined with the characteristic properties of anti-ageing creams. We can classify CC Cream as a cosmetic that has several functions, providing us with an anti-aging treatment and a color coverage, giving us a very natural look.

Differences between a BB Cream and a CC Cream

The main difference between a CC Cream, a BB Cream and a color moisturizer is that the CC cream incorporates in its composition additional moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients,these elements optimize the appearance of the skin immediately and its continued use provides good long-term results. Moreover, there are quite a few similarities with few differences:

Color moisturizers

They offer immediate and visible coverage, minimize facial stains and create the tone to apply the foundation of the makeup.

BB Cream

BB creams are all-in-one products,providing light coverage, sun protection, luminosity, uniform tone and hydration. Its benefits are aimed at women looking for natural appearance and even skin tone with a single product. They tend to belong to a younger age segment, but are also used in mature skin by the touch of makeup and also anti-aging care. Its main objectives are:

  • Coverage with very natural and light colour

  • Sunscreen

  • Luminosity

  • Uniformity

  • Intensive hydration

  • Anti-aging

CC Cream

It provides the benefits of BB creams with greater emphasis on improving the overall skin aspect through anti-aging compounds. Women who choose CC creams tend to belong to a more mature or demanding market niche, with specific skin needs that demand an overall improvement of their face and the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. These creams, in addition:

  • Improves and refines the appearance of the skin on our face.

  • Exclusive anti-ageing ingredients that reduce stains and achieve a more even tone of the complexion.

  • Its touch of color is lighter

  • Anti-aging properties are most noticeable in long-term use.

The best CC cream

In Pharmacy GT you can acquire CC bases as is the case of CC Cream that give you everything you need to keep your skin protected, hydrated, with anti-ageing treatment, improving your appearance and also with a light touch of color that gives you a very natural air.



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