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Facial cleansing

A proper daily facial cleansing routine is essential to show off a healthy complexion. Created for this purpose, there are a variety of articles to choose the one that best suits your skin typology; the first step of an effective facial cleansing is to know your skin thoroughly, and also whether the environment where you move daily is dry or humid. In any case, remember to choose quality products that favor hydration.

Routines for daily facial cleansing

Skin cleansing should be done twice a day, when we get up and when we go to bed, and it consists of the following stages:


Start your facial cleansing step by step with the removal of impurities with a make-up remover. If you wear makeup, it is removed, and if not, with cleansing milk you will remove impurities from daily exposure to environmental pollution and weather. In the morning you repeat the cleaning with a softer product as there are no traces of makeup.


Secondly, you apply a facial tonic that manages to balance the skin pH; especially if the skin was irritated by prior treatment with exfoliants.


Finally, apply an aqueous-based moisturizer to hydrate your skin to the fullest. In case there are areas affected by specific problems, such as acne or spots, use specific ointments for the treatment of those most sensitive areas and then apply your moisturizer.

Where to buy facial cleansing products

In Pharmacy GT you can buy facial cleaners from recognized brands in cosmetics and pharmacy. Complete your daily beauty routines with a deep facial cleansing, with the products of La @0U7X1 Posay, @4Y3R6, @6E8G0, Bioderm,and other prestigious brands. Buy online facial cleaning products at Pharmacy GT, because we are your trusted online parapharmacy, and discover the attractive prices that we can offer you.

Products for deep facial cleansing

Within our cosmetics section you will find a variety of products classified according to the typologies they treat. We highlight facial care with a specific section for skin cleansing:

  • Make-up removers: are cleaning and toning agents made with ingredients that dissolve and remove makeup, bacteria and waste and recover the elasticity and softness of the epidermis.
  • Micellar water: is a product that dissolves insoluble compounds in an aqueous solution, and gives you a deep facial cleansing of the skin while removing the traces of makeup.
  • Facial tonicsare: they are astringents used in cleansing and exfoliating the skin. They remove excess oils and bacteria that the cleaner sometimes does not remove. In some cases, it can be used at noon to refresh and rehydrate the skin, even on makeup.
  • Face masksare: they are multifunctional ointments that, in addition to providing the skin of the face with hydration, cleansing and luminosity, as well as @4K0L2 specific benefits such as anti-ageing or corrective effect, depending on the product chosen. Its formulas contain very high concentrations of active substances and act almost instantly.
  • Facial exfoliantsare: these are products of grainy texture that remove dead cells,scales and impurities from the surface of the epidermis. The accumulation of residues from the natural skin renewal process can cause problems such as pore obstruction and opaque appearance.
  • Facial peelingis: products manage to remove the most superficial layers of the skin and cause its natural regeneration. Ideal for recovering damaged and dry skin, sunmarks or sequelae of acute acne.

Our variety of pharmaceutical cosmetic products are within reach of all pockets thanks to the offers that Pharmacy GT.



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