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Babe Stop AKN Limpiador Purificante 200 ml

Babe Stop AKN Purifying Cleaner 200 ml

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Facial scrub

Sometimes it is insufficient to cleanse and moisturize the skin to maintain good dermal health, and it is necessary to add an exfoliating treatment to your beauty routine that eliminates dead cells and stimulates microcirculation. After applying the product and after further moisturization, your skin will remain luminous, firm and smooth; free of impurities that give it a dull tone.

Facial exfoliating cream

The epidermis is the most superficial layer of our skin and is made up of millions of cell strata. New cells are constantly born and older ones die. Exfoliation serves to remove dead cells that, despite fulfilling their function as a protective barrier to external aggression, also prevent regeneration in the lower layers.

When we remove dead cells, the skin appears brighter and younger. Multiple dermatological studies recommend cleansing the face by exfoliating regularly. The frequency of exfoliation is determined by factors such as skin type and previous condition prior to treatment.

If your skin is oily,you can exfoliate yourself every week to remove oiliness and prevent the appearance of acne or blackheads. Dry or sensitive skin does not support frequent exfoliations well and therefore once a month would be the ideal frequency.

The best time to do this is during the shower, as on wet skin you have the most open pores. To do this, perform with the exfoliating circular massages on your face and then remove it with cold water.

How often should an exfoliating cream be used?

It depends on the cream we choose. There are daily treatment, or one or two applications per week, as they are more powerful and a daily treatment can dry out our skin.

Our recommendation is to use the exfoliating cream once or twice a week depending on the condition of your skin, in combination with a less aggressive daily cleansing treatment so that your skin is always kept soft and clean. This will allow you to avoid pimples on your face and always have them soft and shiny

The key to success in healthy and beautiful skin lies in perseverance. It's no use if you use your exfoliating cream when you remember and every day you don't do any cleansing and hydration treatments. You must be diligent with your beauty rituals to achieve results that improve the quality of your skin.

Recommended moments for exfoliation:

Exfoliating our skin is a gesture that can be performed whenever you want, but there are situations where it is especially recommended; such as on the return of the holiday,if you have sunbathed or before starting a facial treatment,because on the exfoliated skin better penetrate the products that are applied during treatment.

It is more comfortable to apply the exfoliator at night when we know that we are not going out so that our skin stays clean for longer and can regenerate the cells better.

Exfoliating creams at the best price

Exfoliation treatment is not something to be taken lightly; When healing the skin, if we use face cosmetics of dubious quality, we risk suffering an allergic reaction, so we advise the use of exfoliating creams for sale in pharmacy, since these have passed all kinds of tests and quality controls. In your online parapharmaceutical, in addition to offering you high quality exfoliating products, we offer them at your disposal at an unparalleled price.

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