Facial peeling

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Facial peeling

Facial peeling is a peeling technique of applying peela substance to the skin that removes dead cells and renews surface layers. Consequence of cleansing treatment,skin spots caused by sun, acne or hormonal problems disappear; brands and early wrinkles; improves skin tone and texture; stimulates collagen creation; activates micro circulation; reduces pores and increases the absorption of other beauty products.

Types of facial peeling

Skin age and condition are essential to choosing the right product. Depending on the type of results you are looking for, you can choose specific products that contain different acids such as salicylic acid, among others. The pharmacist should always be consulted before starting treatment to prevent further irritations or allergies.

Depending on the depth of the application the types of peeling are shallow, medium and deep; and by the technique used they are divided into mechanical, chemical and physical peeling.

  • Mechanical peeling is done by brushes, rollers or sandpapers with microparticles. Dermoabrasion is one of the most common methods.
  • Chemical peeling is carried out by chemicals – the acids we mentioned.
  • Physical peeling involves the application of an agent that decreases the surface layer of the skin.

Facial peels have a myriad of applications and are used, among others, to regenerate the skin, moisturize it, correct wrinkles, treat acne, combat skin aging, increase smoothness, remove stains, etc.

It is recommended to apply facial peeling on clean skin without other makeup, so that its properties have the desired effect. Depending on the peeling treatment used, the results will be different. If your skin is oily and affected by acne, you'll check the results from the first application.

Several applications may be required for specific treatments. The number depends on the skin pathology to be corrected (spots, scars, wrinkles), the type of peeling chosen and the individual characteristics of the person. Between applications, a minimum week is usually allowed for a week to recover.

These treatments favor the relaxation of the facial features showing as a result a younger and rested appearance. They provide luminosity and leave a feeling of freshness in the skin.

The effects of facial peeling are usually quite long lasting but it is recommended to use them from time to time as a maintenance treatment apart from the other cosmetic products.

Steps to perform facial peeling

Some peelings need prior skin preparation. After treatment it is advised to apply restorative cream and maximum sun protection. For the first few days the skin will look red and, as the days go by, it will flake and make way for regenerated skin.

The application is simple:it spreads across the face avoiding sensitive areas such as the eye contour and is expected for a few minutes for the product to take effect. The duration of treatment is established according to its purpose. The package leaflets indicate the recommended time that the product should remain on the skin before rinsing that removes the residues.

Sometimes, if peeling responds to a specific treatment, moisturizing creams or complementary products should be applied, but it is normal not to need any more compounds.

Certain brands have launched products of this type, in individual single-dose envelopes with the right measure necessary for each application.

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