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Facial gel

Healthy and beautiful skin requires a daily beauty routine that includes cleansing and nutrition. You can choose between cleansing gels, mousses, wipes or cleansing milks: it depends on your skin type. Young skins, up to age 35 or so, tend to develop black pores, glows and grains. For this complexion, two-phase cleansers and cleansing milks are contraindicated; products containing alcohol will also not be used, as they over-dry the face and increase sebum procession. Conversely, the products that work best are daily foams and facial gels,as well as syndet soaps (without detergents). Ideal for combating skin fat is to wash the face an average of 2 times a day with facial cleansing gel for oily skin; these cosmetics are made with astringent ingredients that leave the skin in a matte tone without drying it out.

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Take care of your skin with pharmaceutical products made specifically for it. The skin on your face needs special care according to its typology,with emphasis on the so-called T-zone (front, nose and chin), and each skin type requires a different product. Inadequate skin hygiene can lead to problems or aggravation of existing skin problems; If you hygienize sensitive skin with normal soap, for example, it can become irritated, or if you clean a mixed skin with oil, a multitude of pimples may appear in the area.

Remember: the needs of oily skin are not the same as those of mixed or sensitive skin. For skin with a tendency to acne or pimples, gels will work better without attacking other drier areas of skin.

If your skin is normal, you need a cleanser that exfolies and moisturizes your skin and keeps the ph balanced, and it is advisable to foam or gel that will act when you mix them with water.

Facial gel helps to cleanse the skin of your face in depth. Buy the product that best suits your skin type and persevere in your daily cleansing routine to achieve the best results: clean and well-groomed skin. Pharmacy GT has a wide section of cosmetics articles where the face care products such as the different gels that we present here, are of vital importance.

Daily cleaning items remove impurities that secrete the skin itself - dead cells, fat, sweat, etc. - and external contaminants such as environmental pollution, excess creams or traces of makeup. A cleansing will allow better absorption of the active ingredients by the skin and help the pores close, which will give a smoother appearance of the skin.

In addition to facial gel ...

Pharmacy GT has a range of skin hygiene products, such as the facial cleansing gels that we present here. Find yours and start taking care of your skin with the best quality products, selling in pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Our online parapharmacy puts at your fingertips the possibility to buy from the comfort of your own home, everything you need for the care of your skin, getting it at a very attractive price. Pharmacy GT has a section dedicated exclusively to facial cosmetics where you will find in addition to the facial gel in all the versions that we are presenting here, @0G4R0 many products for the care of your face as the following:



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