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Make-up removers


At the end of the day many of us perform the make-up routine. It is a daily and obligatory care, even if you have not used cosmetics, because fat and environmental pollution constantly attack our skin. Do we proceed correctly in our makeup remover? Facial cleansing is important to rest with clean skin and allow our skin to regenerate. If we put aside these basic care - or misperform them - the skin ends up resenting and losing luminosity and youth.

Types of makeup removers

  • Liquids: They contain watery foundation and are ideal for daily cleaning of makeup (except waterproof). Suitable for any type of skin,even sensitive ones, and above all recommended for oily skin, as they lack oily base. An example with this texture is @2R9A2 Make-up Remover Water.
  • Oily: Very powerful make-up removers for all kinds of products - even the waterproof and long-lasting. Its oily texture does not cause acne,as they are made with natural and non-comedogenic components – comedogenic products can clog pores and lead to the appearance of pimples and blackheads.
  • Micellar solutions: It is a mixture of liquid and oily compounds of light texture capable of removing the most resistant makeup. Its inventor developed them to cleanse the skin of burn patients and therefore act gently on the most delicate skin.
  • Milk: Cleansing milk is the best choice for women with dry or sensitive skin, as in addition to removing and cleaning, moisturizing and soothing the face; while women with oily skin prefer soap, which leaves skin dry and tight.
  • Creams: The thickest texture of all products; it is recommended to use it in mature and applied skin as masks; penetrates the imperfections of the complexion better than other textures.
  • Tonics: Aqueous-based formulations include mineral and antioxidant components among their ingredients. More versatile,they can be used in the middle of the day, even on makeup. They provide less cleansing than @7L3X5 products, but they are very effective when it comes to rehydrating your skin.

Tips for using the make-up remover:

Always start with the eye area with a specific eye makeup remover and a cotton pad. To do this properly, carefully press the skin area with the disc for a few seconds until the product is absorbed. If you've worn waterproof makeup, use make-up-impregnated canes and impact the toughest areas.

Then clean the face with make-up remover wipes and some of the products mentioned in the previous sections. If you made up with a sturdy base, you may need to resort to exfoliating discs for effective cleansing.

The third step involves sanitizing the face using a facial cleanser,which cleanses the complexion without drying it. Finally, you can resort to a tonic for the purpose of moisturizing and soothing your skin.

Cheap make-up remover

At Pharmacy GT we offer our customers the best selection of make-up removers of all kinds, made by the most prestigious brands within the cosmetics sector. We know that the health of your skin is the most important thing, and we adjust the prices of the products so that you get high-end cosmetics at prices suitable for all pockets. Never has a makeup remover cream been so economical and easy to get. Enjoy the advantages of shopping in our online store and rely on the years of experience in the parapharmacy sector that support us.

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