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Face mask

Cleaning the face isn't just about exfoliating. Applying a mask results in a multiplier effect of the benefits of treatment; nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and gives the skin luminosity and energy. With their varied aromas, textures and effects, they are essential. Leading cosmetic firms have focused on the development of face mask formats - available even in single-dose packaging - that avoid the expense of going to the beauty center weekly and you can already show off a perfect complexion after applying a facial treatment in your own home.

Quality cleaning mask

There is a variety of masks with different effects on the skin: from detoxifiers, with peeling effect, soothers... and with different textures adapted to skin types (fats, dry, mixed...). All of them offer you a plus of hydration and various advantages that will allow you to look perfect skin at all times.

Masks are an ideal complement to your beauty routines. There are different factors that are reflected in the state of the epidermis, such as meteorology, nervous stress, water intake and food quality. Therefore, it is interesting that every week or two you use the cleansing or moisturizing mask according to your possible skin needs.

Being facial cosmetics that must be kept on the face for a specific time, the penetration of it is very deep and allows us to see the results in a very short time,so if you have a special event or just want to feel a little more at ease you only have to apply your mask, relax a few minutes and enjoy the results. Without a doubt our cleaning masks will become your great ally.

Types of face masks

There is a variety of masks at your disposal to make you use the one that best suits your needs. Each skin is different and requires different care. Even the same skin will need different types of masks depending on the moment, so you need to know the differences of each one to choose which one to use according to your needs.

Moisturizing masks: in cream and for daily use. indicated to provide extra hydration to the skin. Recommended for faces with dry tendency and exposed to elements such as wind, cold, sun...

Powder masks: the masks in this format are prepared before application by mixing them with water.

Exfoliating masks:they include small particles that exfoliate the face, carry impurities and dead skin. After applying it to the face, they require a gentle massage to act.

Sauna effect masks: when applied to the face they cause a heat effect that opens the pores and cleanses them thoroughly. Thermal variation is relaxing and anti-stress.

Purifying masks: suitable for oily skin, decrease the amount of sebum and prevent pores from obstructing and forming grains.

Bubble Masks: also called Bubble Mask. These are carbonated masks that, once applied, generate bubbles that clean the pores thoroughly.

Detoxifying masks: indicated to eliminate accumulated toxins and impurities, recommended for urban life.

Peeling effect masks: recommended if you want to reduce wrinkles in addition to moisturizing your skin.

Depigmenting masks: especially effective to reduce skin hyperpigmentations whatever their origin.

Each mask has a certain way of acting, but as a rule they usually have to be applied to the face, let them act for a while and remove. As each cleaning mask is different, we recommend following the application instructions to the letter for best results.

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