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Facial tonics 

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Facial tonics

Facial tonic

Facial tonics are one of the products that should never be missing within a daily cleansing routine of our skin, although not all of us include it. The tonic seems unnecessary today, with so much makeup remover wipe and cleansing gel, but we miss its skin and sensory benefits, both by touch and aroma. In terms of quality, the range of prices is wide, and it is easy to choose an ideal one. In our online parapharmacy you will find the most suitable facial tonics for each skin type.

Benefits of facial tonic

Many times we forget to use it or we do not include it within our need, because we do not have very clear its benefits, but the tonic should not be left out because it helps us enormously to keep the skin in its best condition.

Its main qualities are as follows:

  • Close pores, moisturize and refresh the skin; balances it and prepares it before the next step of facial cleansing. Before applying a cream or lotion, you should expect the facial tonic to dry completely into the air.
  • Helps normalize the skin after a cleansing.
  • Its toning effect revitalizes the blood supply of the skin.
  • Anti-aging effect. Rejuvenates the skin.
  • Due to its texture and aroma, it is considered a multisensory water that benefits the skin and senses.
  • For male care, it is considered the ideal after shave substitute.

These are just a few of its main benefits, but they are important enough for us to consider their use within our daily cleaning routines.

Pharmacy GT offers you a large number of products for face care where in addition to the tonics for mixed, sensitive or oily skin that we are presenting to you, you can also find many other products such as the ones that we detail below:

  • Make-up removers for all skin types, an essential product to start your facial cleansing properly.
  • Micellar water a deep cleansing that manages to remove all excess fat and dirt in a much more precise way.
  • Masks with different textures so you can choose the one that best suits your skin, perfect for weekly use.
  • Exfoliating that help us remove all the residues that our skin accumulates throughout the day.
  • Facial peeling products that help our skin not only free itself from excess oil and dirt but also renew it to make it look more vital.

They are products of sale in pharmacies, that our online parapharmacy offers them, all of them being of highly recognized brands and with the best quality.

How to apply facial tonic

The most common way to apply facial tonic is by cotton,either on disc or ball, where the product is deposited to extend it with small touches on the skin, or with a massage tracing gentle circular movements.

The most professional way of use is to deposit a small amount of product between your hands, apply them on the face, lower your head and pinch with some force; this procedure will activate blood supply and subsequent treatment with serum or cream will penetrate better.

Another option, if the tonic comes in spray spray spray format, is to apply it with a spray on the skin of the face.

You can also deposit a small amount in your hand and apply it directly, but without rubbing, with small taps to make the product penetrate more easily.

A tip: keep it in the fridge,you will see how when it is fresh the application is much more pleasant and gives your skin a healthier tone.



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