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Micellar water 

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Micellar water

Micellar water

Micellar water is a revolutionary cleanser that, thanks to emulsifiers called micelles, that act as a magnet for dirt, thoroughly cleanses the skin and removes makeup residues. It is an all-in-one product that tones and moisturizes the skin and keeps it elastic without leaving it dry or unctuous; it can be used on oily skin, because it reduces pore size, and does not leave skin tight, nor fatty residues.

If you choose the right one for your skin type, you don't need to use any more cleaning products afterwards. Suitable for eyelids and lips, the absence of alcohol and parabens shows a great tolerance in its use in sensitive areas; if you opt for micellar water appropriate for your characteristics, you can do without the toning.

Micellar water: What is

It is a micell cleaner, particles that trap dirt and grease by wrapping them in their structure, in this way we get a perfect cleanliness, without dragging the dirt from one side to the other. Micelles are aqueous inner spheres surrounded by fatty acids. These fatty acids have the properties of attracting water and fat as they have a hydrophilic and a lipophilic pole. When contact with the skin, these micelles open and due to the action of the lipophilic poles, they attract fat and dirt inside.

The creator of this micellar solution was Jean-Noel Thorel, founder of Bioderma, in post of achieving an abrasion-free skin cleanse in the hospital's burning units.

Uses of micellar lotion

Micellar water is designed for daily face cleansing. Simply apply it with a cotton, without extending it, with small touches and without removing it afterwards.

It is carried out by an off-road product, cleanses, tones and moisturizes the skin, keeping it elastic without leaving it feeling oily. In addition, it can be used during the day to refresh the face, after a day at the beach, the gym... that is, anytime it's needed. It releases the skin from impurities such as sweat or seawater while cooling. It is also useful as a make-up remover, especially with sensitive skin.

If your epidermis resents removing makeup, it is sensitive to any component of makeup remover products; and micellar lotion will be an ideal substitute that, while not cleaning equally effectively, is suitable for removing cosmetics with a little more insistence.

Cleansing the face with micellar water

If you're going to put on makeup:

In case you are going to make up, use micellar water to cleanse your face before applying it, thus moisturizing and refreshes the skin to make the makeup look better.

When removing it, after using a make-up remover, it's time to use micellar lotion and remove dirt, as well as rehydrate your skin after a long day wearing makeup.

If you're not going to do your makeup:

In the event that you are not going to use cosmetics, use it as a daily cleanser, using it twice a day, in the morning and at night we will remove the dead skin, sweat and dirt that accumulates on our face throughout the day.

To get a good cleaning, you have to soak a cotton pad with the make-up remover water and pass it through the face in small touches, without dragging. No need to clarify at the end.

Don't forget to combine micellar water with the use of pharmacy makeup, day cream, night cream and sun protection.



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