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Stratatriz 5g

Stratatriz 5g

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Scar reducers

When the skin on our face has scars we can treat it with specific products that help us soften them.

There are several types of scar reducers on the market, but it will depend on the type of brand on your skin, its depth and size, to apply a specific or other.

The different creams that we can apply will help prevent the formation of red and inflamed scars, and also soften, soften and flatten the scars that we already have.

Specific products reducing scars

The first thing we have to be clear about is that to apply any type of treatment the most important thing is to have the skin always well hydrated, in this way the elasticity will be much greater and we can prevent the deeper scars. Using a daily moisturizer specific to our skin type is one of the routines we should never skip, because in this way we can help to repair more easily the scars of our skin.

When we use this type of products, in a wound or scar that we had a long time ago, and we see how it practically disappears in front of our eyes, we realize the potential of these creams or gels. The components that form them help to stretch the skin, moisturizing it immediately and smoothing the most inflamed areas. They also soften and soothe the skin, thus avoiding redness.

This type of products, either in gel or cream, contains moisturizers such as panthenol,which help fix the water on the skin, which achieves in a surprising way that the skin of the damaged area recovers.

How to apply scar reducers

If our skin has marks or scars we should apply the gel or scar-reducing cream, twice a day,once in the morning and once in the evening, and be constant. To see the results, not a single application will suffice, but you will have to do it for a while.

In the case of the most recent wounds, which are less than a month long, but are already healed, we should apply the product to the scar directly with our fingers, letting it act directly.

In the case of wounds that are healed and have more than a month, we can use the exclusive applicator of the product, as sometimes it comes with a small roll on for this purpose. If you do not have that accessory we should apply the product with our fingers, but giving a small massage on the scar, gently and very carefully.

Make sure the product you purchase has no preservatives or perfumes that can irritate your damaged skin. One of the most uncomfortable symptoms of scarring is itching, and this type of product kills it, so applying a cream or gel that may have some component that may irritate the area, would be counterproductive.