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Facial moisturizing cream

There are countless moisturizers for the face on the market with as much variety of prices as of specific applications. You can make a first approach to the quality of any cosmetic if you check the order of the ingredients: those listed first, are the ones that exist in the greatest quantity; if the active component is listed first, the cream will be more effective, of higher quality - and more expensive.

Choose a moisturizer for your face

To choose a moisturizer you must know the needs of your skin type -dry, fat, mixed and normal. Remember that on certain occasions one type of skin can behave with the characteristics of another, so we recommend that, if you do not know it for sure, consult your pharmacist or dermatologist. Facial moisturizers nourish your skin with water and prevent it from being lost by keeping it moist.

Reasons to use moisturizers

Pollution, the action of solar uva, excessive cold or heat, sweat, makeup, etc., all these pollutant factors stress and dry out the skin. Rehydration is critical for skin regeneration, which, in particular, accelerates during night hours. That's why you have night-specific creams that act as multipliers of the process. These creams have photosensitive ingredients, and can react with sunlight and produce stains, so they can't replace your moisturizer under any circumstances.

Moisturizing creams for the face, hands and body are made with a mixture of water, emulsifiers, preservatives and various substances that bring benefits to your skin. If the formula is composed in greater proportion of water, you get a facial moisturizer, and if it is composed of a higher proportion of oil, we will get a fat cream.

Remember to take your skin type very seriously,because if you use the wrong type, you can aggravate skin typologies you have, and even develop allergic reactions.

Complete your facial beauty treatment at home, and create your daily face cleansing routine with products like face gel, micellar water, face tonic or exfoliating treatments and facial peeling. Your complexion will thank you and stay young and healthy.



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