Thermal water

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Thermal water 

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Thermal water

Thermal water

It is known as the cosmetic that is valid for everything. Water and thermal tonics are products obtained from nature that, once treated and packaged in laboratories, improve the skin of your skin and the rest of your body. There are different tonics depending on their properties so you can choose the one that best suits your face careroutines; they also improve burns, scars or stings and have anti-aging effect.

Moisturizing thermal water

It is rainwater that for millennia seeps through rocky strata. The liquid traps the minerals that make up these strata and ends the cycle when it sprouts from the earth like a hot spring. Certain cosmetic laboratories discovered the formula for water to retain its qualities – under normal conditions – disappear after a couple of days – by inserting water into a pressure container. With this preservation technique, in an airtight spray bottle, the liquid is neither degraded nor contaminated.

What properties does thermal water have?

No two hot springs are the same as each other. They are of composition as varied as the origin of the different springs. The following properties stand out, among others:

  • Moisturizing cream. Thermal water moisturizes your face in a way as simple as spraying with the sprayer. Ideal for moisturizing your skin on travel, hot office days, or after prolonged exposure to sunlight. In any situation where your complexion needs to be rehydrated, such as after sports.
  • Anti-ageing cream. Thanks to magnesium and manganese, our body activates superoxide dismutase, an enzyme that eliminates free radicals - causing aging - and protects against the deterioration of cell membranes,and thus nuance the symptoms of aging.
  • Sting relief and healing. It contains calcium, reducing the release of histamine, responsible for producing swelling and itching, so when using thermal water we will reduce that swelling and the sensation of stinging. The zinc, copper and selenium content, on the other hand, activates collagen and elastin synthesis and reduces wound healing time. It also relieves areas affected by rashes and reduces their time spent on the skin.
  • Hair removal and shaving. They have soothing properties, thus eliminating the sensation of stinging after shaving or waxing in addition to helping cell regeneration.
  • Makeup. It helps to fix makeup while moisturizing our skin and regenerating it once we have removed it. This is because it creates a semi-permeable film that increases the water retention of our skin.

Facial thermal water

The basic routine for proper makeup removal involves washing, toning and moisturizing. Many times we do the first and third steps, but toning we set it aside, because we don't have time, or we just don't know its virtues.

Cleansing tonics used after removing makeup remove excess fat, and bacteria that the makeup remover has not been able to clean, as well as leaving a feeling of freshness on the skin. It also unifies skin tone, reduces pore size and reduces redness and irritation. There is a wide variety of them, so you can choose the one that best suits your skin and its needs.

In addition, cleansing tonics can be used both in the morning before makeup and at night after removing makeup. You don't need to wear makeup to use it, as its use after the gym and outdoor activities is very effective in removing excess grease and dirt in the environment.



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