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Anti Acne

Anti-acne creams

Treatments regulate sebum secretion,reduce skin shine and inflammation, and prevent blackhead formation. Exfoliants are then needed to smooth the skin and reduce scarring, and moisturizing products to soothe irritation and dryness.

Anti-acne ointments and creams are usually made with linoleic acid,which removes impurities, and hyaluronic acid,which removes the marks that acne leaves on the skin. Such cleansers contain glycerin,which removes debris and dead cells without drying the skin. In turn, they nuance the brightness of Zone T - front, nose and chin - and contract pores thanks to its astringent effects.

Acne is usually located on the face, neck, chest and back; and its appearance is due to different reasons, but in general it affects people with oily skin,and it is advisable to maintain a correct daily skin cleansing routine.

Pharmacy anti-acne cream

Acne skin is a skin condition due to excess fat produced by the sebaceous glands that occurs with pimples and pimples. The grains appear due to a blockage of the pores of the skin by this excess fat. Under normal conditions this fat helps to remove old cells and keep skin hydrated.

It is very common in adolescence, but it can be had at any age, in addition to presenting an inherited factor that can be solved with acne creams. There are also other factors that influence acne skin

  • Hormones: Hormonal changes, both adolescence and other, such as pregnancies, menstrual periods, birth control pills or stress.
  • Cosmetics: Excessive use or use of low quality cosmetics will cover our pores producing acne.
  • Drugs: Certain types of drugs, such as steroids and estrogens, by modifying hormone levels, increase fat production from our glands.
  • Humidity: By increasing moisture, our sweating increases, and therefore fat secretion.
  • Diet: In relation to chocolate and fatty foods, several studies have determined that they do not produce or increase acne. The ones that did exaggerate it are the rhythmic diets in industrial sugars and dairy products.

Acne treatment

  • Cleaning the skin with pads, foams and cleansing water that help keep pores open and do not dry.

  • Using acne products and acne creams. Re-establish the amount of sebum, preventing excessive amounts, as well as exfoliating and allowing pores to be opened.

  • If you want to specifically remove a grain or shin from your face, there are sticks specific to this action.

  • Pharmacological treatments: When it comes to an intense acne you should turn to the doctor, as there may come a time when it not only affects aesthetics. These treatments produce a great dry skin and need to be compensated with a moisturizer.

  • Comedogenic creams and cosmetics: These are formulas that clog pores and promote the appearance of acne. To avoid this, look in the product information for the following: "non-comedogenic".

  • Wear non-greasy makeup and clean them to their fullness at night or when it is to be removed.

  • Wash hair with shampoo daily, and keep it away from the face as it is an important source of fat

  • Don't hurt your skin too much. Disproportionate hygiene causes dry skin.

Remember that to have clean and healthy skin, you must perform a daily routine of facial cleansing, face hydration,taking special care in the use of quality makeup and makeup removers.



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