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Anti-stain creams

Skin spots affect the population of different ages,especially after the summer months with their prolonged exposure to the sun. The frequency increases in women, especially during their fertile years, and for dark-skinned people. Triggers for the appearance of spots, in addition to the genetic component, may be certain medications for thyroid, nervous stress, pregnancy or oral contraceptives; aggravating sunlight.

The benefits of effective anti-stain creams

Depigmenting cosmetics prevent the appearance of new stains and eliminate existing ones. The offer includes creams for all skin types, so you don't have to worry if your skin is more oily or drier, as you will find one specific for you. These creams act as stain scrubs and provide comprehensive facial care that also protects the skin.

The stains shave and give us a sloppy appearance. There are multiple factors that cause excess melanin, the pigment responsible for the darkening of the skin: the sun baths, the marks caused by acne, among other factors. A correct comprehensive treatment includes having a weekly peeling. The cleaner the skin, the brighter it will be. A nourishing cream with high sunscreen should be included in the depigmenter treatment. If the spots fill the face, it may be suitable creams that incorporate in its composition active alcarantes such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C), glycolic acid, liquorice or salicylic acid, in among others. A tip to treatment success: be diligent.

Pharmacy anti-stain creams

The results are not immediate, but with patience and consistency in treatment, after a period of approximately four weeks the skin will look different. Anti-stain treatments are recommended for a variable duration, about two to three months, depending on the degree of pigmentation, and applying the product twice daily.

Some anti-stain creams carry among their components elements that slow the production of melanin at the origin, in addition to repairing and protecting cells damaged by solar radiation and protecting from the sun. We can even find specific products for specific areas,for example the area of the eye contour, reducing the dark tone typical of dark circles. In addition these products serve to match the tone of the skin by inhibiting the action of the tops that produce melanin in our body.

Find your most effective face-wicking cream

Another type of cosmetics that we can find within the anti-stains are those intended for the skins more hyperpigmented or subjected to some type of treatment or hormonal alteration, helping to give uniformity to the skin title and correcting excess pigmentation.

Vitamin C derivatives have a high moisturizing power due to glycerin and natural waxes, so we can find them in these depigmenting creams. In addition they can be applied as a complement to laser treatments,since with their daily use a soothing and restorative effect is achieved on the skin with visible results from three months.

We should not neglect the hydration and nutrition of our skin. Exfoliate it from time to time to remove dead cells, can prevent the appearance of spots; it is also important to add to our daily ritual, a moisturizer with sun protection,at least with factor 15.