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Deodorant man

Whatever type of deodorant you need, gt pharmacy will find it. We have deodorants of long protection, without alcohol and that allow perspiration, if you want a more natural deodorant. We also have anti-perspirant and anti-stain deodorants so you can choose the one that best suits your skin.

Deodorant for a man who sweats a lot

The first thing we need to know about the difference between the two. An antiperspirant controls perspiration,that is, it reduces our amount of sweat, in addition to preventing the proliferation of bacteria, which are responsible for producing the bad odor. Moreover, deodorants do not reduce the amount of sweat, they only have microbial inhibitors to eliminate odor. Normally both contain fragrances to cover the body's odor and provide a feeling of freshness.

Deodorant spray man, composition

Aluminum salts: They are responsible for reducing perspiration. Its way of acting is by creating a plug on top of sweat glands temporarily without preventing other bodily functions such as thermoregulation.

Antimicrobial agents: There are bacteria in our skin that feed on perspiration, resulting in bad odors derived from their metabolism. These agents do to reduce the number of bacteria (usually there are one million per square centimeter) thus eliminating the source of body odor. Among these active substances we find aluminum salts, triclosan, pilihexamethylene biguanide... and alcohol.

Fragrances: responsible for reducing body odor and betting freshness.

Otros ingredients: depending on the type of application (roll on, spray, cream...) they will have different ingredients depending on the needs. All of these products have been dermatologically tested to not produce negative effects against the skin.

They do not contain parabens: Parabens are a type of preservatives used in cosmetic products, but in this case deodorants do not need preservatives.

Effective male deodorant

It depends on the type of protection you need:

  • If you sweat too much, choose a formula with aluminum salts.
  • If you want to eliminate body odor, any of the products we have will work properly, being Vichy or Sebamed a great choice.
  • If you need more natural protection without alcohol or aluminum salts Sebamed has a line without these ingredients.
  • For natural fragrance deodoration, Weleda has natural essential oil deodorants, with fragrances of sage, citrus and pink without containing propellants.

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