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Facial Cleansing 

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Facial Cleansing

Male facial cleansing

The passage of time is inevitable for everyone. But we can combat it in a variety of ways by helping our skin be properly clean and hydrated. Cleansing the skin is not only a gesture of aesthetics, but of health, since we can prevent the appearance of skin problems, as well as reduce excess fat and dirt.

Men's skin needs different care than women's, so when using a facial cleansing gel resorting to a specific product of men will give us special care. Healthy skin should be free of dirt and without excessive sebum.

Men's facial cleansing products

Proper men's facial cleansing increases luminosity, color, and even eliminates dark circles. If we have dirty skin we will have the pores clogged, which can lead to a yellowing of the face, the appearance of dark circles and even acne, since when the pores are closed the fat accumulates and is not removed.

If you use a moisturizer, using a facial cleanser will give you a plus of hydration that will be visible within a few weeks. By cleaning the pores, you'll get the moisturizer to penetrate much more into your skin.

Soap for male facial cleansing

A man's facial cleansing gel should be respectful of your skin while cleaning it cleans it. A good facial cleanser respects the hydrolipid barrier of the face, which is a natural protective barrier of our skin. If we use a bath gel, shampoo or a normal soap we will be destroying that barrier since they are too aggressive, which in the long run will produce a dry skin, being able to have a feeling of sting and irritation.

Ideally, use it twice a day, when getting up and before bedtime. The reason for cleaning our face before bedtime is obvious, as this eliminates all the dirt accumulated during the day and thus encourages the oxygenation and night regeneration of our skin. In addition, if you use a men-specific serum or moisturizer,facial cleansers prepare our skin for these treatments.

Using it when lifting is no less important, because the skin at night releases toxins and dirt accumulated inside that have accumulated during the day, so that by cleansing the face both at night and at day you will notice that your skin looks healthier to the few Days.

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