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Shaving foam

Shaving foam is one of the products with which more men feel comfortable when it comes to shaving. It is easy to apply but also makes the beard hair soften easily benefiting shaving, and ends up providing very pleasant hydration to the skin.

In Pharmacy GT we have different brands of male cosmetics with shaving foams of the best quality.

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Shaving products have evolved a lot in recent years, and nowadays it is easy to find all kinds of specific products,in different formats, for beard shaving, such as shaving creams, lotions, gels, etc.

Classic shaving foams have given way to new compositions that in the same sparkling format, achieve many more benefits and take care of the skin of man.

The main benefits of shaving foams that we can find today in pharmacies are as follows:

  • Cleanses and purifies the skin,preventing small infections due to micro-cuts caused by the blades.
  • Moisturizes and softens the top layer of the skin.
  • Calms down by providing a sense of well-being.

The components included inside the shaving foams help prevent infections by micro-cuts,soften the skin and prepare it for shaving, and manage to soothe skin irritation from the aggression caused by the blades.

You can find products with or without alcohol,depending on the type of skin that suits you best, always recommending alcohol-free products for the most sensitive skin.

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The best time to shave is in the morning,when the muscles of the face are more relaxed. It is advisable to clean the face thoroughly before shaving, then apply the foam. A good time would be after the shower, to get the beard hair softened thanks to the hot water and steam generated.

Usually shaving foams should be shaken before use so that the liquid becomes its most sparkling format. Once you apply it to the skin, it's good to let it work for a minute or two to finish softening the beard's hair as it penetrates.

Once you start shaving what you should be very clear is that the blade should stay moist all the time and you should always use warm water,because if you use it cold you will close the pores and if you use it hot will pass the opposite and your skin will be easily irritated.

It starts on the sides and neck and ends up with the area of the moustache and chin, thus letting the product act a few more minutes on these parts, which are the most delicate areas of the skin of the male face.

Remember that after shaving it is essential to apply an after shave product that calms and hydrates your skin in depth.