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Anti-blinker cream

Dark circle cream

Dark circles can vary in color,from brown, to greenish or bluish, and are sometimes permanent in nature. Rejuvenating the look will help give a feeling of health and well-being. Eye care requires special treatment because the skin of the eyelids and the eye contour is the thinnest of the entire face and that's why you must protect it more intensely. The skin in the eye contour may have dark circles and bags that can be prevented and paled with different treatments.

Causes of dark circles

To prevent the appearance of dark circles, the factors that lead to their departure must be combated. Dark circles can appear for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, they arise due to exhaustion due to lack of rest hours,poor physical activity, or inadequate eating. In addition, stress, dehydration, fluid retention, tobacco use or allergies are also factors that favor the appearance of dark circles, as well as skin pigmentation.

Dark circle cream

There are treatments on the market that help you fight them, such as concealers that remove dark areas of the skin in the eye contour area. You can find them in the form of a pencil, which makes its use more comfortable, applying it directly to the edge of the dark circle; or in the form of a bar, which cover more than the pencil applicator.

Other maracas manufacture their dark circle range in a more fluid format, and it is necessary to apply the product with sponge. This type of diluted compound is more effective in terms of speed, and has a double use to disguise spots or acne marks.

With the use of these products it is possible to disguise the wrinkles and lighten the gaze, fighting the signs of aging. They prevent luminosity loss and achieve uniformity in the orbital contour, and manage to attenuate the bags.

There are some treatments that act simultaneously on bags, dark circles and wrinkles. The fresh texture of these products manage to restructure the contour of the eye.

These products are most effective if they include vitamins among their components, such as vitamin K or hyaluronic acid which has moisturizing properties in addition to filling wrinkles, providing the volume needed to propel out the sunken groove around the eye.



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