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Make-up removers

Eye makeup remover

The skin needs to breathe, and the makeup products that are applied to it prevent proper perspiration. For this reason, you should diligently apply a cleansing routine before night rest. It is an obligatory care, even if you have not used cosmetics, because fat and environmental pollution attack your skin; if you put aside these basic care - or wrongly ralizes them - the skin ends up resenting and losing radiance and youth.

The best natural eye makeup remover

A make-up remover product is used for proper cleaning. The skin of the eyes is sensitive and delicate,so you should take special care with it when cleaning it. It is important to remove makeup residue before sleep to allow skin to rest clean and regenerate.

The variety of make-up remover products allows you to find the ideal for each type of skin.

There are sensitive eye makeup removers. This product, in addition to cleansing the skin and removing the remains of makeup, manages to moisturize it keep it moist during the night.

Waterproof eye removers are available to remove water-resistant mascara easily and without damaging the delicate skin of the eye contour.

If your skin is allergic, choose a dermatologically tested product that doesn't contain harmful ingredients to your epidermis. Make-up remover products do not usually incorporate irritating components but manage to perfectly remove the most fixed makeup, such as the eyelashes and eyelids. Sometimes they include soothing agents that help a proper rest of the eye, providing a pleasant feeling of freshness to the eyelashes.

The textures are usually liquid or fluid gel type, easy to remove without leaving residues of any kind.

Eye makeup remover and mode of use

The ideal way to apply an eye makeup remover is with a cotton swab. A small amount of the product should be spread on a cotton pad and gently slide it across the eyelids and eye contour, thus completely removing the traces of makeup.

Eye makeup removers are usually made from two compounds of different densities; to use them correctly should be shaken well, and thus achieve a homogeneous mixture. Eye care can be completed with some moisturizing product for after makeup removal.



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