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Pharmacy eyelash serum

Eyelashes are tasked with protecting the eyes of foreign bodies in a similar way to an umbrella. The eyelashes have a natural cycle of six to eight weeks before falling; and the upper eyelid has more number than the lower eyelid. There are treatments that help our eyelashes look longer and stronger,which manage to thicken them and prevent their fall. You can also find eyelash care products in the form of mascara and easy application as it is used in the same way as a mascara or makeup mask.

Eye care requires special treatment, which you can get thanks to these pharmacy eyelash serums, because the skin of the eyelids and eye contour is the thinnest of the whole face and that is why you must protect it in a more intense way. The skin of the eye contour may present dark circles and bags for different reasons that can be prevented and paled with the different treatments that exist on the market.

Treatment for longer eyelashes

There are several treatments that you can find in our pharmacy to improve the appearance of your eyelashes, each with different objectives, such as vitalizing creams or regenerating creams.

The vitalizing creams help the growth of the eyelashes, to achieve lengthening, strengthening and making them born thicker and more abundant,in addition to preventing their fall. It is a treatment that should be applied at night to work better.

Regenerating creams to grow lashes manage to restore damaged lashes, managing to prevent or delay their fall and increasing thickness. They are treatments that contain vitamins among their compounds that strengthen and protect our eyelashes.

Treatment to grow eyelashes in Pharmacy

Remarkable and surprising results are achieved and the eyelashes look beautiful, long, nourished and with spectacular brightness.

Products in mascara format may or may not contain makeup, as you like; on the one hand, they only have the strengthening treatment and, on the other hand, they include color to give you the desired touch of makeup. In any case, they are able to condition the lashes and provide them with volume.

It is important to moisturize eyelashes and eyebrows weekly; a sebaceous excess in the eyelashes can cause inflammation in the morning.

How to grow eyelashes with these products

Eyelashes may fall off due to medical treatments, hormonal changes or natural aging. If you have a problem of weakness or fall of the eyelashes, you can use some of the eyelash care creams that, with their daily use, in a couple of weeks will be enough to regenerate them. If you just want to take care of them and maintain them,we can use a castor oil that will be applied with a brush like the one in mascara.

We hope you find the product you were looking for to grow the tabs in this category. Otherwise you can consult our pharmacists, they will be happy to advise the serum for the eyelashes that best suits you.



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