Treatment for blisters/calluses/hardness

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Treatment for foot calluses, blisters and hardness

When the season changes and we change our type of footwear, or simply when we buy some new shoes, it is very likely that we will suffer some chafing that even causes us to appear some blister.

How to remove calluses from feet and hardness

We can prevent chafing, calluses and blistering with some products such as anti-friction gels and invisible dressings that act as a second skin, protecting and curing blisters, and even preventing the appearance of new ones.

Anti friction sticks reduce friction in the skin, immediately helping to prevent the formation of small blisters caused by rubbing, as it prevents the friction rolls because it is composed of hydrogenated vegetable oil. These sticks are invisible and very easy to apply being possible to carry them in the bag by hand, in case we need them.

Hardnesses should be treated with a more specific product. You should exfoliate the foot and then apply some ultra-hydrating cream, specific to these cases.

You may also wonder how toremove the dead skin from the feet,for which we have effective exfoils. To eliminate the hardness of the feet we can apply dressings, which act as a second skin, while repairing and regenerating the skin of our feet affected by hardness.

Getting beautiful feet and care is possible,you just need to spend some time so that they can look healthy and hydrated.

These products are usually immediate absorption, to help their easy application. They are also usually ultra-hydrating, allowing their action to last up to 24 hours.

Treatments for blisters on the feet and dead skin

However, you should never forget to keep your feet clean and dry,apply the creams when you wash them and keep them hydrated to get a healthier look.

Hardnesses occur for many reasons, walking a lot, wearing heels or too flat, foot anatomy, poor circulation, etc. Specific anti-hardness creams help reduce hardness and keep skin hydrated. When combined with a foot scrub, you'll be able to get a completely renovated foot.

Remember that exfoliators should only be used once a week to preserve the natural layer of skin. If you apply your anti-hardness cream with a light massage you will notice how the product penetrates your skin and relaxes you.

Look forthe best foot cream in products containing Urea as they decrease the thickness of hardnesses and moisturize the skin more effectively. Glycerin and Vaseline for their high hydration power,and vitamins C and E that are effective against free radicals.

They are products that are quickly reabsorbed and do not leave oily skin. Discover all our products for beauty and foot care.