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Lip care The lips are made up of muscles covered with a thin outer layer and an inner mucous membrane; their pink colour is caused by their profuse blood supply; their lips are particularly unprotected because, unlike the rest of the skin, they lack sweat glands, melanin-producing cells and keratin, and are therefore sensitive to dehydration and damage from ultraviolet solar radiation. Apart from the environmental aggressions, they receive the contact of make-up, tobacco in smokers, and everything that is eaten, cold and hot, if they are not cared for, or if there are nutritional deficiencies they are susceptible to contagion of infections or damage by stress. It is possible to keep the lips in good condition regardless of the external environmental conditions, as long as certain guidelines are followed in their care: Do not moisten them with your tongue if you notice them dry and cracked, the lips naturally produce fat that is removed with saliva. Do not remove dead skin; gently remove it after showering. Prevent moisture loss with a lip balm that provides protection to limit water evaporation. Protect against UV rays: Lip skin is the body's most sensitive to sun damage. Continuous hydration: Drinking water regularly and adopting a healthy lifestyle provides balanced skin. Lips are usually relegated in facial care, but with basic daily maintenance the lips will look fleshy and hydrated, first of all they must be cleaned and removed before going to bed with a specific product and a cotton swab, then a lip balm is applied, before going out in the morning, a specific balm with a high sun protection factor is necessary, even in the winter months, and a weekly exfoliation with a soft brush is also beneficial for the lips. The importance of lip balm There are products that immediately repair dry or damaged lips, but the way to protect your lips is to apply a daily moisturizing balm. When we have a cold, our nose becomes dry and the skin becomes more sensitive and even scaly, and in these cases we must repair the skin with a balm to help us regenerate the damaged area. It is important to take care of your lips and keep them hydrated not only for beauty, but also for health, so be careful and use lip balms or lip balms at the slightest sign, depending on the case. Cheap lip cosmetics At GT Pharmacy you can find beauty products to keep your nose and lips protected: Lip balm: We have lip balms to help keep your lips hydrated throughout the day, and specific treatments for chapped or damaged lips with wounds. Cold sores: We offer different treatments to help you repair cold sore wounds, as well as balms and some specific herpes patches. Lip balm: Lip balm products will help you restore the skin's natural state in damaged areas by creating a protective layer and keeping the area moisturized, helping you to repair, protect and smooth the lips, as well as preventing skin irritation on the nose.