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Cold sores 

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Cold sores

Cold sores

It is an infectious disease caused by herpes simplex virus type 1,or HSV-1. It's called oral herpes, lipstick or orophacia. The infection contagion occurs in childhood and lasts for life; it is also extremely contagious and endemic worldwide.

Herpes symptoms

Herpes is usually asymptomatic,and many infected people are unaware that they contracted it. Symptoms, if they become triggered, follow this order.

  • Sore throat,swollen nodes and pain when swallowing.
  • Feeling tingling,itching or burning in the area of skin around the mouth and on the lips.
  • Appearance of painful vesicles or ulcers inside or around the mouth. They're called hotents or pupae, and if they show up in quantity they're called an outbreak. When they come together, they grow, they break, a scab remains and, when they fall it leaves the skin pink.

After an infection, the gallbladders recur frequently variable, depending on the person. It is reactivated for different causes: nerve stress, drastic environmental changes, hormonal states such as pregnancy or ovulation); also by febrile states or any disease that causes a casualty in the body's defenses.

It is transmitted by direct skin contact with the carrier of the virus. It is such a common disease that almost all the inhabitants of the world will suffer it throughout life. The virus penetrates the body and replicates. The replicas will rest dormant until circumstance reactivates them and migrates to the lip mucosa.

Remedies for cold sores

The herpes virus has no cure at present, and its treatment involves alleviating symptoms and reducing healing time. Antiviral medications attack symptoms, but they never cure infection. The dressings contribute to healing and prevent scab; should be applied as soon as burning or tingling begins in the affected areas.

You can choose between specific balms or creams and patches indicated for this type of ailments. The patches are very discreet and completely cover the blisters, and can even cover them with makeup.

Sometimes it is necessary to take antiviral medication that accelerates healing. These medications are most effective when given at the onset of the first symptoms.

The creams that exist on the market are more punctual treatments and can shorten the outbreak for a few hours, so it can be used as a shock reliever. However, these conditions go away within a week or two. If symptoms persist after that time, or are repeated frequently, it is best to consult with a doctor or dermatologist to try to find more appropriate treatment.

You can try to prevent the appearance of warmth by applying lip balm containing zinc oxide, a cream with moisturizing properties so that the lips do not dry out, and not share glasses or other elements with someone who infected, as the virus is extremely contagious.

The most effective cure for herpes

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