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Lips are vulnerable to external agents and tend to dehydration due to their lack of sweat glands and shortage of sebaceous glands. Winter months are the most important time of year that can affect lip health. Lower temperatures, wind and dry cold air predispose the lips to certain pathologies such as cracks, irritation or dryness.

Lips often forget when protecting the skin of the face, but this deficiency can be solved thanks to products created specifically for lip care. The formats are different depending on the skin to be treated. Some may treat extreme lip dryness, using compounds such as isotretinoin, and others are suitable for pediatric use by removing salicylic acid from its composition - and making them with chuche aroma.

Formats vary in texture, from fluid to finger-applied; or bar, ideal for men's use,because it leaves no shine. There are also solid jar balms made with RoseHise oil, a regenerator that induces skin repair, protects -incorporates SPF 15 sunscreen - and moisturizes the skin of the lips and sensitive areas of the nose.

What is a lip repairer

These lip repairers specific to facial hydration can also be used for skin alterations caused by cold or wind, in cases of cracks in the lips or excessive dryness. They are an alternative to basic lip balms,which can be used in severe cases of dryness or skin irritation.

These products function as a restorative action on the skin that protects and moisturizes with an emollient balm. Products for the protection of stick lips, balm, creams or lotions can be found.

Repair, protect and smooth lips, helping them become resilient. They should normally be applied two to three times a day, although it is better to consult with the pharmacist as each product may have different indications.

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When to use restorative lip balm

In catarraal processes, the mouth area is dry due to the use of scarves that rub against the skin, cough, mucus and febrile processes. Balm may be applied before dryness symptoms appear to prevent irritation from going further. Likewise it is highly recommended to combine it with the use of nasal products.

These lip cosmetic products create a protective layer that keeps the area in which it is applied hydrated. It is a product that must be held on hand in the medicine cabinet. Our stock works with Letibalm, Carmex Avene and other reputable laboratories.

Prevention. It is important to keep lips hydrated with lip protector, to tackle the aftermath of any aggression to the lips. For lips that have not been damaged, daily use of neutral lip repairers is recommended,two to three times a day.

To complement the lip care treatment,we recommend the use of lip protectors and specific lip contour products. For more mature faces, we also offer lip anti-wrinkles to get a young smile.