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Makeup concealer

When we choose a makeup concealer we have to do it with the specific needs of our skin in mind, and we need to think about what we want our concealer for.

There are different types of concealers that can help you camouflage each of the brands on your skin.

Makeup concealers for what each color serves

If we usually have dark circles or if we have any scars that we want to cover. If our skin has spots or tends to have pimples. Or simply if we want to unify the tone of our skin.

Skins with imperfections love this type of products because they correct any brand that appears on our face.

We can even find concealers that include a regenerating component, removing pimples and neutralizing bacteria that red and inflame granites.

The correctors serve to unify the skin tone,also bring luminosity to our face, and erase any type of imperfection that we do not want to show, such as dark circles, scars, veins, spots, redness, ...

How to choose the makeup concealer

There are many types of makeup concealers, with different textures and colors,so it's important to know what each of them is for and use them correctly:

Always remember that makeup products are put on our skin after you have applied the concealer, so don't panic if you see "rare" colors

  • Beige concealer: its use is indicated to conceal dark circles and unify the skin tone. It also provides light to our face.
  • Yellow concealer: when dark circles tend to be purple,the yellow color manages to dim the tone, removing them from our face.
  • Green concealer: If your skin has redness, or you have pimples or a recent scar that looks pink, green is your color. Try a concealer with this shade and you will see how these imperfections disappear before your eyes.
  • Salmon or orange color corrector: its application is recommended for the bluest and even greyish dark circles, and to cover the dark shadows that our skin may present.
  • Lilac concealer: it is the perfect shade to cover imperfections of yellowish or brown tones such as skin blemishes or scars.

Types of makeup concealer

The concealer is a product that we all have in our possession and that when we leave little we will soon go for a new one.

It should always be applied after cleansing the face and moisturizing it and before putting the foundation. The correct way to apply it is by giving a few taps to spread well and not notice.

Not only do we find facial concealers but we can also use eyebrow correctors to be able to profile in a more defined way the line of our eyebrows in order to improve our gaze. Do not hesitate to try our new eyebrow corrector!

The use of the makeup concealer is usually accompanied by a foundation and compact powders to eliminate undesirable shines. All these products should be applied after moisturizing your face with a good moisturizer and subsequently you will always have to remove everything with a makeup remover of the face.



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