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Bases and funds

Foundation makeup backgrounds

Fluid foundations are perfect for a natural result. They allow to unify the natural tone of the skin with the base, without covering completely, being lighter than other types of bases.

Good foundations

Thanks to the foundations you can achieve a velvety result and bring to your face naturalness. There are types of foundation backgrounds that are moisturizing offering a luminous and satin effect.

And you can also find fluid mattebases, which attenuate any imperfections that your skin may show giving it a velvety finish than moisturizers. This type of matte fluid bases are ideal for mixed and oily skin.

Fluid bases act as a moisturizer so it is important to know how to choose the base well according to your skin type. They are fluid and light creams that unify the tone of your skin by illuminating it immediately.

Makeup bases for oily skin

The first thing you should choose is the right makeup background tone. There is a wide variety so it's easy to find the tone closest to your skin.

You can apply the fluid base in three ways:

  • With your fingers:if you apply the fluid foundation with your fingers it is more difficult to achieve a uniformity since it will not spread equally leaving areas more charged than others. Our hands bring warmth through the fingers to the makeup and it melts being its different texture. Therefore this application option with your fingers is not the most recommended.
  • With a sponge: it is easier than with your fingers since with the sponge you can spread the product better. However the sponges usually absorb a lot of this fluid makeup and therefore should be applied in small touches.
  • With a brush: the most recommended method to apply a fluid foundation is with different types of brushes. Flat brushes are usually used that leave a very good result, covering the product evenly throughout the skin. You must choose the right brush for a uniform application.

Get your pharmacist's advice. At the pharmacy they can help you select the ideal makeup background for your skin type and the perfect applicator that complements it.

For a complete treatment with the use of foundations, we recommend the use of compact makeup powders that nuance the face thus eliminating the shines, a moisturizer for pre-application use and a face makeup remover that allows to remove all makeup from the face, besides the ideal is then washed the face with a gel for the face after makeup and moisturize the face and moisturize the face



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