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Self-tanning products help achieve a tanned skin tone without having to expose it to the consequences of UV solar radiation. They are usually simple products to apply, being possible their daily use, and the result is similar to the skin tone that is acquired after several days of sun exposure. These products offer the possibility of tanning to people who cannot be exposed to the sun by photo-sensitivity, sensitive skin, allergy, scars, freckles or moles.

Features of fast self-tanners

Self-tanning creams incorporate a component called dihydroxyketone (DHA),which is a substance that is derived from sugar cane and therefore produces the characteristic brown color, without damaging the skin or causing side effects.

They have no contraindications as they are a totally naturalproduct, and it is indicated for all skin types. Keep in mind that you can find some variants with some type of perfume that can cause skin irritation, so check with your pharmacist about the product that suits you according to your needs. It is sold in different formats, be it spray, wipes, creams or lotions. It's best to decide which one best suits your characteristics, whether you need speed in tanning or have time.

Good self-tanners, highest quality

The main substance, Dihydroxyketone adheres to the surface layers of the skin producing a natural tan. You should be aware when applying yourself that the areas prone to dyeing are the elbows, knees, the palms of the feet and especially the hands. These areas of the body are heavily dyed due to their high reserve in vitamins.

Avoid applying a lot, because these products dry out the skin, so it is advisable to use moisturizing products and a moisturizer.

Currently we have different types of self-tanners,for all tastes. You can find them in cream, which give a toasted appearance to the skin, progressively, as you apply the cream, you get the tone. You can also find instant self-tanners and even tanning pills.



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