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Body sun protection

Body sunscreen cream

The only time we usually take care of sun protection is when our bodies are exposed during the holidays. However, the skin must be protected whenever it receives the action of UV rays, regardless of the time of year. Body skin behaves differently than the skin.

Lack of direct contact with the environment means that the skin of the body is renewed at a slower rate than the skin of the skin; a less natural exfoliation, greater thickness and scaly texture. Body skin has an average thickness of about 0.60 mm - the skin of 0.12 - ; its cells are larger and the water does not evaporate so quickly, and because of its greater thickness it is prone to accumulate layers of dead cells and bacterial growth.

Non-fat Body Sunscreen Cream

Due to its various behaviors, facial and body skin need sunscreens with different specifications adapted to their circumstances. Body sunscreen prevents skin diseases such as:

  • Skin cancers associated with UV rays. Actinic keratosis, carcinoma and, more severely, melanoma.

  • Premature aging. The formation of deep wrinkles.

  • Hyperpigmentation. Dark spots on the skin are unnocuous, but unsightly.

  • Solar erythema. Acute damage from UV radiation. They penetrate little under the skin, but they damage cellular DNA. The skin redness and blisters and extreme pain form. In children and adolescents, the risk of skin cancer increases in their adult years.

  • Diabetic skin. Apart from lower moisture retention capacity, the diabetic perceives less pain and can suffer sunburn without appreciating it.

  • Photodermatosis Polymorph (PLA). Sun allergy manifested by rashes and itching.

  • Summer acne,with similar symptomatology to EPL.

The moisturizers of the day that include a sun protection factor are offered in various formats, being able to find them more fluid or thicker, spray or with different types of dispensers. In addition, sun creams are a cosmetic product in their line of body protection, and therefore, you can buy creams that are specific to each type of skin,having for sensitive, dry, fat, anti-aging creams, etc., or for specific areas of the body, there are different creams for the face, for the body, lips, hands, etc. After a long exposure to the sun, we should use an aftersun moisturizer to soothe and rehydrate the skin.

Proper use of body sunscreen

The moisturizers of the day, which contain a degree of sun protection, are not enough to go to the beach,where the reflection of the sun in the sand or in the water, already damages the skin. These creams are for daily use, and for prolonged exposures a more potent sun cream is recommended.

  1. You must choose the correct protection factor. Light skin will need a higher factor, as will children's skin.

  2. The cream must be applied between 15 and 20 minutes before sun exposure so that the skin absorbs it well.

  3. Use sunscreen specific to the face.

  4. Remember to give cream in the specific areas of the body such as the ears, behind the neck, the uppers of the feet and the eyelids, which we often forget and burn.

  5. Put more cream on the shoulder and neckline area that are most exposed to the sun.

  6. When leaving the water, reapply the cream.



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