Facial sun protection 

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Facial sun protection

Facial sunscreen

Sun protection is recommended at any time of the year when the complexion is exposed to the action of the sun's rays. Sunscreens prevent burns. Whether your skinis light or dark, we have sunscreens specific to facial skin; without forgetting the aftersun,indicated for hydration and repair of the skin after exposure to the sun. Your face is continuously exposed to ultraviolet radiation. With proper protection, you can avoid premature skin aging and melanomas formation.

How does a face sunscreen work?

A face protector filters out Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B radiation. To determine the degree of protection, there are two parameters. For UVB rays (ultraviolet B) we find the SPF protection, which is the number that appears in large (for example 50+). This number, the higher, indicates that the product will protect us the better from suffering burns.

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The second reference data is UVA protection, as determined by the acronym PPD in the label legend. The UVA protector prevents photoaging,as Ultraviolet A rays are responsible for the gradual skin deterioration; any protector must provide filters of this type. If indicated on the label, the product offers poor PPD protection; the desirable thing about a sunscreen is that it offers at least PPD protection from 8.

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In order to determine that a product has UVA protection such as UVB,the SPF is divided among the PPD, considering that it has adequate protection if the value is less than or equal to three. The lower the number, the greater the protector will be balanced and protect us from both UV A and B.

Fluid: As the name suggests, it is a light texture and easy to apply. Recommended for normal skin.

Cream: the recommended texture for all skin types, especially if they have a tendency to dry.

Gel-cream (emulsion): two in one, provides the lightest texture and rapid absorption of the gel with the hydration of the cream. For all skin types.

Dry touch: it has the appearance of a cream, but once applied it is absorbed quickly and the skin is left without product residues. Suitable for skin with mixed or oily tendency, to do sport, and even to make up later.



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