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Sun protection for children

Children's sunblock

While we are aware of the need to protect ourselves against the sun's rays, they only think about having fun, getting into the water and playing until they fall exhausted. It is advisable to apply sun protection at any time of the year. Sunscreens protect the skin from burns, potentially carcinogenic, and you can take a sun bath with peace of mind.

Whether it is light or dark skin,you have sunscreens - with physical filters or chemical protection-, lip sticks and the essential aftersun,indicated for hydration and repair of the skin after exposure to the sun.

The importance of child sunscreen

It is our duty to protect their delicate skins from solar radiation, because the consequences of burns can be very severe. There are numerous products on the market at our disposal for the skin care of our little ones. Children's sunscreen lines differ from adult creams in the absence of perfumes, and their formulation base is less aggressive with the skin to prevent possible irritations or allergies.

We should keep in mind that babies less than 6 months old, although they may use sun creams, are not highly recommended because their skin is still very sensitive. In addition, any prolonged sun exposure is not desirable in young babies.

Children's sunscreen, choose the best

It is best to avoid exposing children directly to the sun during hottest hours. Still, you always have to give them protective cream. As for the protection factor, in case of doubt, always choose the highest.

The recommended solar factor for children should be equal to or greater than 30. We have to keep in mind that childhood skin is more delicate than that of adults, as it produces less melanin than defends it.

You can choose different types of applicators for your child's sunscreen, spray, gels, bars, oils, lotions, etc., although the most recommended are milks and creams,because they contain moisturizing agents in their composition.

Children's products are specially created to take care of children's skin, they are usually water-resistant solutions that add a degree of tranquility knowing that they are still protected even when they are in the pool or at sea. But we should always reapply once they have come out of the water to reinforce the action of the protective cream.

Remember that it is best to apply the cream about 20 minutes before sun exposure to penetrate the skin.



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