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Perfect tanning

Sun protection is recommended at any time of the year when your skin is exposed to the action of the sun. Sunscreens prevent burns. Whether your skin is light or dark, in Pharmacy Gt you have a range of sunscreens specific to the skin; not forgetting the aftersun,indicated to rehydrate and repair the skin after exposure to the sun. Your face is continuously exposed to ultraviolet radiation and, through proper protection, you will avoid premature skin aging and the formation of melanomas.

Get a natural tan

When the good weather approaches, the pools finally open or we have a few days to escape to the beach, we always have to take our sun cream, with the right sun protection factor to avoid burns.

But that's not enough, as your skin needs protection before, during and after sun exposure. In your online parapharmacy discover complete treatments that include the range of products necessary so that your skin does not suffer burns or redness, and you can lengthen your brunette for longer. Packs include different products,e.g. sun milk, sun cream and an aftersun; or packages that include a sunscreened facial gel and include an aftersun, among many other combinations.

Fast and safe tanning.

In GT pharmacy you will discover a wide section of cosmetic products where we highlight the solars,section in which are the complete treatments that we refer here and, in addition, includes facial bronzers, for the body and bronzers without additives made especially for children's skins.