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Sun Pills

Tanning pills

Tanning pills help you prepare your body for sun exposure from the inside. Taking care of our bodies from within is an effective way to achieve results. The composition of the pills is based on vitamins, tyrosine and beta-carotene. Vitamins stimulate melanin production and the skin darkens. They can be used without the need to be exposed to the sun, without extrabity, the effect is enhanced in contact with sunlight.

Tanning pills

In Pharmacy GT we offer you the sun pills that you have always wanted, which are the perfect complement to combine with sun protection creams.

Our extensive online cosmetics section features a wide variety of surprisingly effective items and products, all backed by the best pharmaceutical brands and with attractive prices.

The sun pills that we offer you from our online parapharmacy, are able to help you prevent skin aging by reinforcing natural defenses, preparing the skin for the summer and offering you a safe and uniform tan. The pigments that incorporate the pills prevent the skin color from turning orange, as sometimes tyrosine produces this effect. When using these pills, the possibility of skin burns decreases, but it is still essential to use protective cream.

Tanning the skin gives the person a healthy appearance, but we must be careful, because the sun is harmful to the skin, if we do not take precautions, so all day creams incorporate an included sun protection factor.

Protecting the skin from the inside is something more and more women are looking for, and nowadays it is easy to find with products like sun pills, which provide you with an ideal photoprotection to achieve a strong skin with a nice tan.

Wearing dark without sun

Within our section of cosmetic products, we can highlight solarproducts, among which are sun pills and a wide range of facial, body and children's tanning solar products.



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