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Menopause vitamins

There are numerous products in the pharmacy indicated for the well-being of adult women, in the menopause stage.

Pharmacy GT has the products for the care of women, with more variety on the market, and with very attractive prices.

Recommended menopause vitamins

Most of the products you'll find in our parapharmacy for women's care are completely natural, with a composition based on herbs, medicinal plants and extracts that have proven efficacy.

Within our section dedicated to vitamins and minerals,where in addition to the products for the care of women, you have at your disposal the following adults, eyes, students, pregnancy, children and athletes.

All our sections are very wide, and that's why we tell you, that in addition to vitamins and minerals where we have our products for women's care, you can also find others like:

Vitamins for premenopause

For women who are going through the menopause stage, the specific products we offer in Pharmacy GT will help you alleviate all menopause-related symptoms, but will also allow you to maintain your weight balance and reduce body fat.

All this based on components such as extracts, medicinal plants and herbs that combined in the right way achieve the best results.

In the time of menopause, women produce less estrogen, and we do so irregularly, causing our body to suddenly change and menopause symptoms to appear.

At that time, it is very difficult to control the weight, due to those hormonal changes and all the symptoms that arise, because our metabolism goes slower and therefore burns fewer calories, in addition our appetite is usually greater, so we have an ideal combination to gain kilos.

The fats we consume and are not able to burn, go directly to our belly and hips.

Natural products indicated for women's care help us manage weight and reduce fat significantly, as well as calm menopause symptoms.

Shop at your trusted pharmacy, because at Pharmacy GT all the purchases you make will be backed by pharmaceutical professionals with extensive experience.

Women's care products at Pharmacy GT, don't forget.