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Aboca Fitoconcentrado Aceite de Onagra 50 Capsulas

Aboca Phytoconcentrated Inggra Oil - 50 Capsules

Price €11.49

Menstruation pain products

The products for natural care that we have within our section exclusively intended for Dietetics and Nutrition,stand out for their high effectiveness being products composed of natural elements that do not have any type of side effects.

Find in Pharmacy GT natural care products to help you with the pains derived from menstruation, as well as @7G5R5 disorders and discomfort that affect sleep, nervousness, constipation, urinary tract, bones or cholesterol.

Natural products for menstruation pain

Many women experience discomfort and pain, both in the days before and during menstruation. They are discomforts that are noticed with a feeling of swelling, fluid retention,and a changing mood.

In order to overcome those days without feeling all these discomforts, we can take medicines that help us, but it is advisable to opt for natural care products, which will get great results and have no side effects.

We highlight those that contain among its main components primed oil,which is a supplement that contains vitamin E and high content of Gamma Linolénico acid.

But it is also a component rich in oleic acid and linolenic acid, which are omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and are able to regulate many of our body's functions.

These oils influence our hormones,and also have anti-inflammatory effects so it reduces PMS, with gut pain, fluid retention, feeling bloated, etc.

Products for menstruation symptoms

As we have already mentioned, natural care products such as those intended to treat the symptoms of menstruation, etc., are located within a wide section of dietetics and nutrition,in which you can also find @3K3B4 products such as the ones that we present below:

All Dietetics and Nutrition products, and in particular Natural Care products, are intended to be sold through pharmacies. Don't risk buying these products in places where you don't know their origin.

Find in your trusted pharmacy everything you need for the natural care of your body. Pharmacy GT in its online parapharmacy offers it at the best price and sends it home so you can enjoy your shopping as soon as possible.