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NS Cinfa Femibiotic 30 Cápsulas


Ns Nature System has developed Ns Femibiotic to help rebalance vaginal flora.

Ns Femibiotic is a supplement that contains some of the strains with the greatest presence in the vaginal microbiota such as lactobacillus crispatus and lactobacillus gasseri.

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How to use:

Preventive: 1 capsule daily for 30 days.
Treatment: 2 capsules per day for 10 or 15 days. After this period, 1 capsule daily. Repeat every 3 months in cases of risk of further relapses.


Keep your genital area clean and dry. Avoid soap and rinse only with water.

Do not perform vaginal showers; it can worsen vaginal discharge by eliminating healthy bacteria that line the vagina and are there to protect it with an infection.

Use condoms to avoid contracting or spreading sexually transmitted infections.

Avoid using feminine hygiene sprays, fragrances or powders in the genital area.

Avoid wearing long pants or extremely tight cuts.

Wear cotton or half-long or short underwear with a cotton crotch.


Probiotics are living microorganisms that survive passage through the gastrointestinal tract and exert beneficial effects on the health of those who consume them.

One capsule of Ns Femibiotic contains at least 5.4 billion freeze-dried lactobacles: Lactobacillus crispatus LMG 12005 (60%), Lactobacillus brevis LMG27275 (20%), Lactobacillus gasseri LMG26661 (20%).

Although some 15 different bacterial species can be found in the vaginal flora, Lactobacillus is considered to be the most important and common. Its destruction by pathogenic microorganisms and antibiotics is one of the most important determinants in the recurrences of vulvovaginal infections.

Specially recommended for:

Preventive situations in which vaginal flora may be affected; antibiotics for other infections, diabetes, irritating cleaning soaps, intimate clothing that causes sweating, etc.

Specific situations of:

+ Women with vulvovaginitis may have erythema, inflammatory edema of skin and mucous membranes, increased vaginal discharge, sometimes smelly. They may also feel itching, itching, or vulvovaginal pain.

+ Women with bacterial vaginosis may have abnormal vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor. If present, the vaginal discharge is usually white or gray and may be slightly thick. They may also have a burning sensation when urinating or itching on the outside of the vagina.

The Spanish Society of Obstetric Gynecology (SEGO) recommends the consumption of probiotics to maintain adequate vaginal flora and also in cases of vaginal infections.

And besides:

+ Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

+ Do not exceed the recommended daily amount.

+ People under control doctor or pregnant women should consult with their doctor before consuming a dietary supplement.

+ Keep out of reach of children.

+ Keep in a cool, dry place.

+ Suitable for diabetics

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NS Cinfa Femibiotic 30 Cápsulas

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