Xls Medical Max Strength 120 comprimidos
  • Xls Medical Max Strength 120 comprimidos

XLS Medical Max Strength 120 Tablets


The new medical Max Strength XLS reduces your carbohydrate and fat calorie intake. Clinically tested, it reduces calorie intake and lowers blood sugar levels and insulin levels, which helps reduce food cravings. 33% more effective, it's perfect to help you lose weight.

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The new medical Max Strength XLS is a certified food supplement, up to 33% more effective.

The new XLS Medical Max Strength allows you to lose weight much faster and in a completely safe way. XLS Medical Max Strength acts directly on the absorption of carbohydrate and fat calories. Clinically proven, it allows to help you lose weight much faster, being very effective in combination with balanced diet and some exercise.

It is now possible to lose weight faster, as it is the first product that reduces calorie intake in carbohydrates and fat, ideal for those who wish to lose weight quickly. Clavitanol, a pantated active ingredient, reduces the breakdown and absorption of these nutrients. In addition, it lowers blood glucose and insulin levels, which allows to decrease food cravings.

The ingredients in XLS Medical Max Strength come from organic natural plants, so it is well tolerated. It is scientifically tested and certified as a safe product for weight loss.

XLS is the number 1 weight loss brand in Europe,helping thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals. In this path, XLS always advises to lead a healthy lifestyle in the short, medium and long term, eating the right foods and staying active with diet plans and personalized exercise plans.

How to use

It is recommended to take 2 tablets of XLS Medical Max Strength with plenty of liquid up to 30 minutes before the two main meals per day. Do not exceed 4 tablets per day. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, as this will help the digestion process.

XLS Medical Max Strength is an excellent product to prevent weight gain, even having ingested a calorie-rich diet.

After reaching the ideal weight, you can continue to take XLS Medical Max Strenght before a particularly copious or calorie-rich meal to help you maintain your weight.


It is available in packs of 120 tablets.

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