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Bodybell Method 

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Bodybell Method

Weight-loss protein diet Bodybell

Bodybell is a registered trademark of Nutricional Farma, S.L., which markets weight control products worldwide.

One of the secrets of Bodybell products is the knowledge we have of the importance of proteins in any weight loss regimen. Our products are recognized for protein and taste (if you've ever tried pure proteins you'll know it's no easy task).

Products in the Bodybell range are made with high quality natural proteins (mainly derived from milk, eggs and soya) of easy digestion and assimilation. They contain at least the 8 essential amino acids for the human body, with a chemical index greater than 100 (all our products are registered in AESAN), and that combined with other ingredients provide an optimal satiety effect, with a very low content of glutes and lipids, so as not to interfere with the diet process.

The protein diet of the Bodybell method

The protein diet is a weight loss treatment designed to solve lipoinflamation of adipose tissue cells and promote NO weight recovery.

The products contain the amount of proteins of high biological value suitable to promote effective weight loss.

It is a type of diet low in carbohydrates and fats that conditions the body so that it has to use its own reserve fat as an energy source.

Productos BodybellHyperprotein diet. 18g envelopes

Based on the basis of the same product quality, the basic difference is that we provide more protein per shot, so in our product it translates into more satiety for the user and better and more comfortable distribution of the envelopes during the day.

The range consists of more than 30 products presented in box format with 7 envelopes and 20 cheap canisters with a content of 450 gr of product.

We believe that the effort we are making to bring to the end consumer a high quality product at a very competitive price and with good conditions for you, both for the requirements in the delivery of goods (deliveries 48/72 hours with simple and few quantity requirements), as the economic aspects of distribution, will make our products a possible marketing alternative in your pharmacy (we attach sheet with prices and delivery conditions).

Preparation of Bodybell products

Bodybell liquids

Cocoa, Cappuccino, Peach-Mango, Orange-Pineapple, Piña colada, and vegetable and chicken soups. Leek soup and mushroom soup (only in envelopes).

220 ml. of water + 2 and a half pots (bottle) or 1 envelope.

Bodybell creams

Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla, Coffee, Strawberry, Banana.

150 ml. of water + 2 and a half pots (bottle) or 1 envelope.

Mousse Bodybell

Same as cream but adding a whipped egg white about snow.

Flan Bodybell

Chocolate: 150 ml. warm water + 2 and a half saucepan powder (bottle) or 1 envelope.

Mix and have at least 1 hour in the fridge.

Vanilla: 150 ml. warm water + 1f.

Mix and have at least 1 hour in the fridge.

Strawberry/Banana Smoothies Bodybell

100 ml. of water + 2 and a half pots (bottle) or 1 envelope.

Bodybell omelettes

90 ml. of water + 2 and a half pots of powder (cheese, mushrooms) or 1 envelope (cheese, mushrooms, fine herbs).

In the pan with a drop of oil brushed. Once hot, pour the preparation and cover until it is done. DO NOT turn the tortilla over.

Crepes Bodybell

Preparation equal to tortillas.

Natural, and bacon cheese.

Bodybell yogurt

100 ml. of water + 1 envelope.

Red fruits.

Potato mashed Bodybell

80/90 ml. of water + 1 envelope.



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