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Stroke cream

There are some products that can help us a lot to reduce the pain that has caused us a blow. Those typical blows that we give with the corner of a table, or with the furniture of the entrance, which are usually recurrent, can be alleviated with products such as The Gel de Arnica that is formulated to reduce pain and inflammation.

Pharmacy GT has the products for shocks and bruises that you should always have at hand in your medicine cabinet,because they are not only perfect for adults but also for

Muscle stroke cream

In the case of children, we would actually have to always wear it, because they are specialists in beating themselves, especially from the first year when they are already having some independence in their movements.

The Arnica gel should be placed directly on the skin,right in the area where the blow or concussion has been suffered, and we must apply it as soon as the blow itself happens, to prevent a bump or bulge from forming.

These gels are able to reduce pain and inflammation, but also stimulate blood circulation which makes the possible bruise that may appear as a result of the blow, does not come out or stay only in a small redness.

We are talking about a natural product, so its side effects are null and it is very used to treat all kinds of bumps and bruises, but also for muscle aches and sprains.

Cream for bumps and bruises

If you put the gel in the fridge, you can use it as a powerful product to get relief in your tired legs.

The texture presented by this product is not at all greasy, so it will not leave the feeling of fat on the skin, so it has also become a great ally to reduce leg fatigue, so its effect will be much greater if you keep it in the fridge and apply it cold.

By stimulating blood circulation, you'll feel a pleasant feeling of well-being that will soothe the pain caused by tired legs. But also when applied cold it will be much more effective and your legs will look more relaxed.

In our section dedicated to medicine cabinet products you will find a large number of products perfect to fill, such as arnica gel to treat shocks and bruises, and others like the ones below:

Always keep the arnica gel for bruises and bumps handy in your medicine cabinet, as it will be very practical and will prevent pain, inflammation and cardinals from appearing.