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Ear cleaning

Earwax is a natural substance secreted by the ears the ear whose objective is the protection of the ear canal preventing the entry of bacteria, dust and water to keep the ears healthy. In some cases, earwax production is excessive, which can cause a blockage of the ear canal or stopper. To avoid these blockages there are usual hygiene products to remove the wax gradually. On the other hand, if your ear canal has been clogged, there are other specific products that do the unlocking work.

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Cleaning of clogged ears

Having a blocked ear can produce from ear pain, feeling that the ear is plugged, noises in the ear and hearing loss that will be the deepest when the ear is most blocked.

If you have a plug it is necessary to soften it in order to remove it. Products to remove excess wax in addition to softening, help dissolve it and lubricate the ear canal. These products are composed of natural ingredients such as apricot oil, eucalyptus oil or water so that you will clean your ears in the most natural way.

To use these products usually come with drops, so to remove the plug what you have to do is tilt the head and apply 3 or 4 drops in the ear and then keep the head straight for its performance for half an hour, being able to help us by putting wet cotton in the ear entrance so that the product stays in contact with the earwax longer.

If you are unable to remove the plug on your own, seek medical advice before committing any recklessness. If that excess earwax is accompanied by fever and earache, you may have an infection, so you may also need to see your doctor.

Cleaning your ears at home

In a matter of earplugs, as in many other cases, it is better to prevent than cure, there are also products for usual hygiene that respect the ears in order to prevent the formation of future plugs. Special care should be taken with these products and do not use them in case of ear pain or infection, as they may exacerbate the negative effects of these.

Ear-cleaning sticks can be more harmful than beneficial, especially for two reasons. The first is that instead of cleaning the earwax, part stays in the stick, but to the rest what it does is copactact and put it further in and can cause a hard-to-reach plug. The other big problem is that the sticks can pierce the eardrum,injuries that in many cases heal themselves, but, that in others surgery is necessary to recover them.

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