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When we prepare the house kit to always have the most basics, we can not forget the earplugs.

It seems like something that is not needed, but in many cases, having this article can be essential.

Earplugs for noise

An article that can help you a lot.

In the case of earplugs, made of silicone,their functionality is very practical, because when bathing in the pool, in the sea or practicing any water sport, we can wear them, and thus prevent water from entering our ears.

Earplugs pool

Especially in children, it is a product that we should always have at hand, because ear infections are very painful and uncomfortable, and it is easy for water to enter our ears if we are bathing or in the case of children, throwing ourselves into the water forcefully.

Preventing is better than curing, and in the case of the ears we find no reason to say otherwise.

Silicone plugs are perfect for insulating from water to our ears, and also adapt very easily to our ear canal to keep it perfectly insulated from the water.

On the other hand, if noise is bothering you, then we recommend rubber plugs.

It is the perfect protection against noise, for example if you are studying, they will be the best ally for your concentration. Likewise, if you have trouble falling asleep, or you have light sleep and every little noise wakes you up, you can benefit from the best rest thanks to the rubber plugs that our pharmacy offers you.

Their texture makes them very soft and flexible, adapting perfectly to your ear, and keeping you away from all the noises that happen around you.

These protectors don't completely isolate you, but they will keep the noises from waking you up.

If your house is close to the road, you live on a noisy street, your partner snores ..., we advise the rubber plugs so you can fall asleep without any problem every night.

Silicone earplugs

In our pharmacy, your trusted pharmacy, you can purchase these and other essential items for the organization of a complete medicine cabinet.

The ear protectors that Pharmacy GT puts at your fingertips are perfect for every need you have.

In the case of water plugs, we have the most suitable product, in silicone, that prevents water from entering you while swimming or water sports.

Rubber plugs are best suited to insulate you from noise.

Now enter our online store and discover the most suitable earplugs for each case.

All the items that Pharmacy GT puts at your fingertips, both for the medicine cabinet and for the rest of the sections of our online store where you will find beauty products, hygiene items,as well as nutritional supplements,are of total confidence, since we are a pharmacy.

We are waiting for you at Pharmacy GT.