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Sight is so important to our lives that we can't put your attention aside. Daily care can prevent infections, eye strain or even more serious illnesses. But how can we take care of our vision?

Eye drops conjunctivitis

In the pharmacy Gt we have specific products for tired, dry and irritated eyes, such as artificial tears and sprays. Don't let your eyes and eyelids suffer, as you can fight with a single gesture, and if we put it aside, the only thing that can happen is that our problems are exaggerated. Today, several manufacturers have developed a variety of eye drops to fit the patient's needs. It's not the same to have tired eyes that your eyes are dry for another reason. Therefore, we find a wide variety of eye drops adapted to the needs of each person. In addition, in Pharmacy GT we care about your view and your pocket, and that is why we offer you the best prices and discounts on the market so that you do not have problems when buying a room that suits your needs and have it at hand at all times among the items for the medicine cabinet.

Using red and dry eye drops

Using eye drops when we notice that our eyes need it is a good way to take care of eye health, but it is not the only one, there are a number of routines that it is advisable to follow so as not to force the eye as are the following examples:

  1. Diet: A diet rich in vitamins A and C are essential for vision development, as retinal cells need vitamin A to work, so eating fruits and vegetables is good for maintaining a healthy view.
  2. Eyeglasses Care: Take care of your glasses as the first day if you wear them. Use specific cleaning products, as others may be corrosive to your lenses. A few glazed or dirty glasses will make us force our eyes, which will cause us a possible increase in visual problems. If the glasses have anti-reflective, better than better, as it will avoid the reflections of artificial lights help them focus better.
  3. Lenses: With the lenses you have to take special and routine care. You have to use a suitable liquid and change it daily because lenses are a potential source of infections such as conjunctivitis and styles and do not use these if they are damaged or have been worn longer than specified if they are temporary as they can cause corneal injuries. It is also not recommended to wear them for many hours, as nostes are not sweating and need to rest.
  4. Sunglasses: UV rays wear out vision and can even cause diseases such as cataracts or burns in the retina, so wearing sunglasses (obviously with proper crystals) is advisable on sunny days and always in the snow, as it reflects the sun rays that deviate directly to the eyes.
  5. Monitors: We can't help but live with computer, tablet, mobile or television monitors, especially when many of us work with them. Since we can't help but use it, we can at least follow a few tips to avoid damage. The distance is fundamental, being 2 meters to watch TV and 50 cm of computer screens, and never see them in the dark, as it will make our eyes tired and can generate an increase in myopia.

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