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Insect repellent

With the arrival of summer and heat the population of many insects such as wasps, bees, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, lice... it shoots and can become more than a nuisance, being able to a simple bite lead to an allergic reaction that takes us to the hospital or health center,especially the people most sensitive to these bites.

For this reason, in the GT pharmacy we have repellents with different components and uses so that you can choose the one that suits you best or adapts to the circumstances of the environment.

Types of natural insect repellent

There are repellents of two types, natural and synthetic.

  • Natural repellents:they usually have among their components citronella, which is a plant that has the property of scaring mosquitoes and other insects. Among the products based on citronella we also find bracelets, which are very effective in providing lasting protection of up to 200 hours, so they are a highly recommended product for children. All this with the certainty that we are using a natural product and that it has no harmful effects.
  • Synthetic repellents:are traditional ones that are formed based on compounds like DEET. These are repellent chemical compounds but can be used safely, as there are countless human studies that support their effectiveness without producing any side effects if applied appropriately. The advantage of these over natural repellents is their effectiveness, coverage and duration,since they scare away insects more effectively and with greater coverage (protects us against more insects) than natural ones and for much longer, since with an application they offer us 8 hours of protection.

Insect repellent for babies

It depends on the age and the activity we are going to do. If it is a small child (up to 2 years) it is not advisable to use repellents containing chemical active ingredients. If we are going to spend a day in the countryside or want to avoid the stings when we go to the village you can also use repellents of natural origin.

If on the contrary you work in the field and want to avoid bites for a long time, or, if you are traveling to a tropical country where there are countless insects it is advisable to use protectors based on chemical active ingredients, since here insects are not only a nuisance, but are transmitters of many diseases such as malaria, hrlichiosis... which are very serious and vitally important to prevent them.