Goibi Xtreme Spray antimosquitos 75ml
  • Goibi Xtreme Spray antimosquitos 75ml

Goibi Xtreme Mosquito Spray 75 ml


Goibi Xtreme Spray Antimosquitos 75 ml is the effective protection against mosquito, fly, tartan and tick bites. Goibi Xtreme is a spray suitable for warm climates, extreme conditions and areas at high risk of transmission of tropical diseases.


(7,96 / 100 ML)

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(7,96 / 100 ML)

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Features of the Goibi Xtreme mosquito spray:

Goibi Xtreme Spray Antimosquitos 75 ml formulated to protect from mosquito bites effectively. Usually the bites of these insects do not pose a risk or threat, they will simply generate itching and discomfort in the skin, although we do expose ourselves to the transmission of diseases that are commonly carriers of mosquitoes.

It especially protects against malaria or yellow fever transmission, especially in areas with tropical climates. For this reason, if you are traveling to a country with extreme conditions in its climate we advise you to take with you the Goibi Xtreme Antimosquitos Spray.

It is composed of DEET at 45% (the main repellent asset), thus getting you up to 8 hours of complete protection against mosquitoes. The Formula of goibi Xtreme antimosquitos spray offers a pleasant smell, while applying it quickly and comfortably in spray.

Goibi Xtreme Spray Antimosquitos 75 ml is the perfect protection for you and your family against mosquitoes.

To be taken into account the Goibi Xtreme Spray Antimosquitos 75 ml

  • Can be used from 2 years
  • 8 hours of effective protection

How to use the Goibi Xtreme Antimosquitos Spray:

It is advisable to use Goibi Xtreme mosquito spray especially in summer, when mosquitoes have spread, or whenever we travel to some country with tropical weather. For use in summer it is advised to combine mosquito repellent with a photoprotective.

To do this, first extend and apply the photoprotector and after about 30 minutes when it has already been completely absorbed, apply the Goibi Xtreme mosquito spray. In this way we guarantee the optimal performance of both products.


Keep in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children.

Do not ingest.

Do not use if any allergies to any of its components occur.


Per 100 g: DEET: (N, N'-diethyl-m-toluamide) 45.0 g Ethyl alcohol 50%.

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