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Nasal sprays are really a help when we have congestion, either by allergy or by cold. They help us clear quickly and keep us clean of mucus for a while.

However, we should not abuse them, because as with everything, if we abuse the applications it can be counterproductive and cause you the opposite effect of the one you are looking for.

Products for washing blocked nostrils

When we are congested we feel the need to use a nasal gel to clean us up and allow us to breathe more easily.

We must always read the package leaflet since we can not use this type of gel whenever we want, but we have to follow a few steps to get the result we are looking for, and not the opposite.

Keep in mind that putting in more amount will not be a better result.

There are some nasal sprays that contain saline concentrations, which help as seawater, remove mucus and dryness from our nostrils.

Other nose protectors are composed of eucaliptus essential oils, which in addition to moisturizing, cooling and giving a feeling of greater decongestion, helping us to breathe with a menthol effect.

There are many nasal gels that exist in the current market, but you should look for the one that is specific to your specific case.

Similarly, you can complete your nose care with balms that protect irritations caused by excessive nasal congestion.

How dry nostril spray is applied

The steps to follow are as follows:

  1. Let's sweat your nose, to try to clean up any mucus remains in it.
  2. Some sprays need you to shake them and others don't, it will tell you on the packaging.
  3. Apply the product with your right head and inhale at the same time to penetrate more easily.
  4. Wash the applicator from the container and perform the same operation in the other pit.

Try not to sneeze, and don't ring for at least a few minutes, to avoid losing product you've just applied.

Please note that there are specific products for children and others for adults, with higher or lower pressure for the application of the product.

Always rely on pharmacy products for your specific daily care.

Products for irritated and clogged nostrils

Nose creams are ideal for catarraal processes, the continued use of toilet paper causes irritation of the nose creating small cracks and rusts that cause great discomfort.

With the use of Vaseline for nose we manage to have a hydrated nose and protected from possible worsening. In addition, its properties cause the airways to decongest for better breathing.

Where to find nasal protectors

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