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Intimate hygiene

There is no need to remember how important hygiene is to maintain good health. Intimate hygiene is essential to protect our body from possible infections.

Intimate hygiene products

Both over-hygiene and lack of hygiene can cause imbalances in the flora that protects the intimate area, causing infections or irritation.

This can also happen with the use of products that are unsuitable for intimate hygiene.

We can find specific products for different skin types and also different states of our body. For example we can buy an intimate gel for pregnancy and postpartum,which protect from infections and clean the intimate area more carefully. Or products for menstruation days.

The products indicated for intimate hygiene leave a feeling of cleanliness and hydration very pleasant. They also have emollient components that facilitate their application and rinsing.

It is important that products for intimate hygiene do not contain soaps and that they respect the natural protection of the skin in this area.

Intimate pharmacy hygiene

Grooming is crucial to feeling good and intimate hygiene provides us with safety in ourselves. It is very important to maintain a daily and effective intimate hygiene,with the right products for every moment.

The skin in the intimate area is very sensitive and vulnerable, and may suffer from infections or inflammations.

For this reason we must take good care of it and keep it always clean and protected from possible imbalances.

Avoid soaps with intense scents or vaginal deodorants, as these products irritate the skin with ease.

There are many products formulated expressly for the female intimate area, so don't risk using basic products that can cause you some allergy or not protect you properly. Keep in mind that the pH of the intimate area is different from that of the rest of the body, and also varies with hormonal changes, so normal gels are not recommended.

To apply intimate hygiene products it is advisable to do it with your own hands. Sponges and cloths can retain bacteria and thus infect the area more easily.

In the pharmacy you can find various products for intimate hygiene. Ask your pharmacist for advice.