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Oenobiol Captador 3 en 1 + 60 Capsulas

Oenobiol Catcher 3 in 1 + 60 Capsules

Price €27.23

Weight-loss products

From Pharmacy GT we offer you the best products to lose weight in our section dedicated to Dietetics and Nutrition.

Food supplements intended to help in the @1K2K0 of weight can be purchased in pharmacies, thus obtaining a product with all the guarantees.

Marks like bimanán, Caudalíe. Ymea and many others, are specialized in nutrition and offer us a range of products that in addition to being effective have a wide variety of formats, such as bars, shakes, infusions, etc.

Pharmacy weight loss products

Get the best nutrition products in our parapharmacy, because in GT Pharmacy we have the most recognized brands of laboratories specialized in dietetics and nutrition.

Choose from the many and varied products we offer, whether food substitutes or for fluid retention.

Food substitutes

Chocolate bars, strawberry smoothies, vanilla, chocolate or coffee, chocolate and orange bars, yogurt bars, custard, vegetable soup, ...

Fluid retention

Specific products for the retention of liquids such as infusions or tissues with draining properties.

Within our section of food supplements ...

In addition to nutritional weight-loss products like the ones we present to you, you can also find different complementary dietetic and nutrition products, such as:

Effective weight-loss products

Don't trust anyone for your health, trust specialized pharmacies and parapharmacies, to buy all your diet and nutrition products.

Seek the advice of your pharmacist and discover the wide range of possibilities that you have with Pharmacy GT and its online parapharmacy, because we put at your disposal all the products related to the weight @8T9D1, and that will help you.

Shop from the comfort of your home, knowing that your purchase is backed by an experienced pharmacy.

Remember to always read the information that comes on the packaging of each product you purchase, because in the case of meal substitutes, it is not advisable to replace more than one meal a day with these products, but it is recommended to replace for example dinner , when a diet is being made, including five meals a day: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

In any case, if you have doubts contact us and we will be happy to solve them.