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Throat pills

The throat pills that you can buy in our online pharmacy, are perfect to help you when you have a dry or irritated throat.

Pharmacy GT puts at your disposal all the necessary items for you to have a complete medicine cabinet at home, with products such as throat candies and other medicines to have at home.

Irritated throat pills

All throat pills have the function of softening the throat,some have soothing effects that are very well received when we have pain and inflammation, others lighten our voice allowing us to recover it as soon as possible, etc.

The function of throat pills is to soften and recover it when irritated, but we can also find throat candies that help us regain our voice, thanks to their soothing effects.

Some of the options we offer you in our online pharmacy contain herbs and a balsamic effect that brings more freshness and softness to your mouth so that the throat is calmer and also help to clear the airways.

The format of the throat pills is very varied, from the classic Juanolas of liquorice in the form of small diamonds to their new versions in candy format, balsamic pearls or chewing gum, with different flavors and different brands such as Ricola, Strepssils or Lizipaína.

Juanolas appeared pro first time in pharmacies very early in the twentieth century, specifically in 1906, and their formula was a revolution, since it managed to clarify and refresh at the same time thanks to the combination of its components.

The liquorice, which is its main ingredient, contains properties that help clear the airways,and maintain them as well. They also soften the throat.

On the other hand, components such as royal jelly, are also common in many of the throat pills.

Royal jelly helps to stimulate the defenses of our body, has antiseptic and bactericidal properties, provides vitamins, ... something fundamental especially in those people who encounter somewhat weakened defenses.

There are many formats and many flavors, choose the one that best suits your needs and recover your throat quickly.

Buy over-the-counter sore throat pills

At Pharmacy GT we are your trusted online pharmacy and we will know how to meet all your needs, from the professionalism and experience that characterize us.

Pharmacy products always have a guarantee that gives you more confidence than the rest. We give you the possibility of buying them online, so that you can comfortably receive the shipment of your order at home and without having to travel.

Throat candies will allow you to have a soft voice and will avoid daily coughing and discomfort caused by colds and allergies. Do not hesitate to always have with you throat beans, they will definitely get you out of a hurry.

Our medicine cabinet section has a wide range of items and products to help you.

All of them are products that you can find in the pharmacy and that are highly recommended to always have at hand in the medicine cabinet.

The best sore throat pills

It is very important to have certain throat care routines when you have a cold, as coughing and flu symptoms cause irritation and sore throat.

There are numerous natural throat remedies such as royal jelly,honey with lemon and the propolis to relieve pain. Gargles with lemon or eucalyptus help to open the airways reducing irritation and reducing pain.

If you follow these remedies, you can reduce the cough and throat irritation, which together with our throat candies will help you cope with the cold orbetter possible.

At Gt Pharmacy we care about you.