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Eye care products As the years go by, the eyes and their contour change; the small wrinkles in the eye orbit mark the expression of the person and the appearance of their age; the rejuvenation of the look will help to give a feeling of health and well-being; the eye contour is marked by wrinkles that many are defined towards the eye bag; they arise due to the expression and gestures of the person, the dryness of the skin and the lack of elasticity. Eye care requires special treatment because the skin of the eyelids and eye contour is the thinnest of the entire face and therefore you must protect it more intensely, the skin around the eyes can have dark circles and bags for different reasons that can be prevented and alleviated with the different treatments available on the market. In the same way we can find in the pharmacy other specific treatments for the contour of eyes and lips, since both areas are delicate and in them the skin is very thin Eye Care Products As we have already mentioned, there are specific products for the eye and lip contour; when bags and dark circles appear on the skin of the eyes, we must apply creams that will help strengthen the tissues thanks to their mineral salts compounds that protect and soothe the skin while strengthening it. Many treatments include thermal waters among their main components, to calm the area and reduce the feeling of tightness. sensitive skin must be taken care of especially, which is why specific products for the eye contour are usually indicated specifically for this type of skin. Remember that in order for your skin to look healthy and you can apply specific treatments, you must cleanse and remove eye make-up correctly beforehand. Eye Care Routines The skin around the eyes is fragile, so you should moisturize it daily with a specific product to help soothe it while respecting the sensitivity of the area. Anti-under-eye circles and specific treatments for bags are decongestive and their results are noticeable from the first moment. It is important to cleanse the face before going to sleep and remove make-up with specific products, and the eye area also has specific make-up remover products that care for and soothe the skin while protecting it. To apply the eye make-up remover correctly, it is recommended to use a cotton pad, sliding it gently to remove all traces of make-up. However, after removing make-up we must moisturize the skin well to restore its natural state and achieve a healthy and healthy appearance. The best eye care cosmetics Find quality eye products supplied by the most prestigious laboratories, all of which are suitable for the most sensitive skin made with natural and hypoallergenic products If you protect your eyes with moisturizing products and quality make-up you will be able to prevent expression marks or crow's feet that are more likely to be caused by the use of poor quality cosmetics. In Farmacia GT you will find the best results with high quality products and the most competitive prices in the market, and you will also save more in your online store thanks to the free shipping costs, do not wait any longer and place your order for eye care.