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When we play sports, walk for a long time, or wear inappropriate clothing, chafing may appear. Chafing is skin irritation caused by friction caused by rubbing it with a tissue or itself. Everyone has ever had a chafing on our legs or elsewhere, which is schooling and preventing us from walking or doing sport in the right way.

These chafings occur more easily with the months of heat, and can even be produced up to blisters if they are not prevented or eliminated, since, for many, stopping sports because of these is not an option. The most common area of chafing is the legs, although they can also occur in the nape, back, under armpits, nipples and under the chest in women.

Having excess weight increases the chances of chafing, so, doing a little exercise daily (walking, running, using the bike...) and having a balanced diet, in addition to increasing our health, will prevent the appearance of chafing.

Cycling anti-chafing cream

Many use Vaseline to prevent chafing and talc powders to reduce sweating, but they are products with little time to effect and cease to have effect within a few minutes of use. Therefore there are more specific creams for this use as is reflesport,which can be used before and after physical activity. On the one hand, before doing sport applying reflesport we create an anti-friction barrier on the skin preventing the chafing from occurring. But reflesport goes further, since used after playing sports, it will provide immediate relief and freshness in the area thus reducing the stinging sensation. All this without causing stains on the clothes.

Anti-chafing cream thighs

It is possible that in summer, within a few minutes of walking, chafing will already appear. This is because we wear inappropriate clothing, since jeans or clothes other than summer create greater friction than other types of clothes to what if we add in summer heat and sweat will lead to chafing. Therefore it is advisable to wear cotton clothing as much as possible and if you are a woman, wearing a skirt or dress will significantly reduce the chances of suffering a chafing.