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Condoms and condoms

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We must remember that condoms are not only a method of contraception but it is also one of the most effective methods to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

That is why we should use it as long as we do not know our partner sufficiently, or whenever we think there may be a risk of contagion, just as it is a very effective method of contraception.

Young people and adolescents who have their first sex should not overlook the need for these safety measures and for this reason we offer our products at a very attractive price,available to all pockets, so that they can enjoy those first relationships, with total protection, using condoms of the best quality and being able to choose from a wide variety of options that will facilitate the best sexual experiences

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Discover condoms that contain non-stop functions, a range that stimulates and causes more exciting sensations during the relationship, retarding condoms, or those that taste, among many others.

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It is important that sex is pleasurable and fluid, frictionless or unwell to any of the partners. That's why at Pharmacy GT we complete our range of condoms with other products of equal importance for your sex.

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